Privacy - a statement:

I write this statement both to show you until the occurrence of certain specific items as well as make a very good article submission by example what is actually inviolable property and what is not inviolable property .

So we turn now to a real case, the Constitution of the Republic of Iceland, since 1944, he has been there undisturbed for 72 Article . Human Rights Act section her, the property right is inviolate. No one may be obliged to disclose their holdings except in the public interest. Need to legal provisions and establish full price for. "


It's going to fall on me two masks when we ill patients , for example, pushed into a perilous long-term investments such as owner-occupied housing and may have as much risk of losing it due to illness of their employees social welfare of the hedge and want the least aware of and excuse themselves by saying that this is controlled by the household / specialist physician at the time for , respectively, but the public knows , so does this by HFF and including Icelandic State goes hard against this group and this on to to go with their own way in the system for judicial chair will cause the state to come to this group on the blacklist earlier , before the group reaches even start a life for any real , then what comes under its feet . So choose to, nation , these individuals as our employers , but then when closer scrutiny, they always turn his back on us . "This comes to us as well important to a pointed blade from behind!"

I would ask you to think about that because now my writing has long been overdue issue seemed to end for the time being:


Seniors , the disabled , the unemployed and single parents , these targeted groups representing the most vulnerable in society is facing the living standards . I loved seeing these elements combine into a single entity and carried out by the coalition and the availability of classes in both the municipal and parliamentary elections.

But we stay on the Constitution :

In 71 Article . Human Rights chapter says verbatim : " Everyone is entitled to privacy , home and family , .

Privacy is the place where we are to come and that we can enjoy our permanent presence and holy peace forever .

Privacy is the permanent presence sites that have been created ( created ) for the future, our hopes and expectations.

Money is , however, dealing with your past . Notes that I like so much else on the money note in his pocket is defined settlement of our daily, monthly and yearly work. Banknote is inviolable than the value of the property plus the value of which is of course not because it's past settlements. If this settlement goes wrong because there are / have too many banknotes have been printed then falls down their value by the same .

Thus , the situation in today's economy dear countrymen , almost as far.

But since everyone wants to excel and will share a slice of the pie , you have difficulty to close the accounts .

Owners of capital are therefore now at this exact same moment as I write this a fight to maintain a false value of money by Managed exchange rates and thereby make the debt dugum is like no tomorrow .

What creditors seen over the assets of people are immune , but the value of the papers is of course not . Worse is that public employees involved do not seem to understand anything either.

First they came debtors dugum vehicle owner and professional equipment of others. Since property landlord , one after the other. They systematically destroy the hopes and future of people , taken from the homes and livelihoods .

Branch Manager vs Governor who was represented before the war defined the proletariat so that it would walk individually for their capacity to pay , but not on the legality of loans. He represents the funding and financial counties destroyed the economy and broke where the social contract on indexation , will people pay indexed and indebt each one depending on the capacity and preferably more like 110% rule did best.

To certified papers secured by property the value of people as inviolable property and will equal footing with other inviolable property then all such securities will be conducted under the laws thereof , as well as their collection or auction proceedings.

Act secures the right past into the future and not justification capital owner , claims guardian financial institutions on economic stability , legal statements, interpretations of laws or other such illegal .

" Therefore, by law, the land and building effects illegal spending . "

Therefore, live tracks , but not the legitimacy or justification of their stakeholders and illegal . The songs live, but not justification .

Employees of financial institutions and magistrates must understand the difference inviolable property and money.

It will make sure that it is completely gone by the law when you make the inviolable property of people , but do not rely entirely calculations performed in inflation and high interest rates as financial institutions have done.

All mortgage loans that are in people's homes or individual has a mortgage should be construed as a consumer , because it is the consumer who has given his personal collateral with its inviolable property and privacy of his home .

It is not layered privacy . Immunity is the same whether it is permitted to privacy or the privacy of property rights on the one hand or immunities of Parliament and other government buildings .

All enjoy the same immunities .

But then when it gets a closer look ?

Privacy, property rights and the home is a deal with ourselves and constitutionally as parliamentary immunity .

Threats of employees of financial institutions or lawyers that are based on unlawful methods , their interpretation is based not on the law on consumer credit but based on false papers in the privacy violations and violations of criminal law , and shall take them as such.

An appeal may be such a person to the police and are expected to take the lead on issues these people behaving in this way.

If public officials instance employees of the Debtors ( UMS ) , magistrates , judges or others do not protect people's privacy and allow the exchange rate is the inviolable property of people wrongfully and falsification then these public magistrates to commit human rights violations . This also applies to the lawyers who work for financial institutions , because they act as public stewards and take responsibility as such .

Individuals who commit such violations of human rights can be appealed personally addressed to international courts such as the International Criminal Court in The Hague , the Icelandic judges are not appointed by the inviolable Parliament and are therefore not qualified to discuss privacy violation or violations of human rights and crimes against the public.

I think I've managed to answer the biggest part of my side right here .

But you as good as hired your own life but if you consider that the standard of living , your children and grandchildren you will come to that recovered by it renewed in these categories then it is wrong, because they adopt the policy but think so just about get over the tax refund us when on the whole .


Oskar Orn Adolfsson / Ó.Ö.A.

Frišhelgis - yfirlżsing:

Yfirlżsingu žessa skrifa ég bęši til žess aš sżna ykkur fram į įkvešin tiltekin tilvik af atrišum auk žess aš gera mjög góš greinarskil į žvķ t.d. hvaš sé ķ raun og veru frišhelg eign og hvaš telst ekki til frišhelgra eigna.

Svo viš snśum okkur nś aš alvöru mįlsins, Stjórnarskrį Lżšveldisins Ķslands, sķšan 1944, žį hefur stašiš žar óhreyft ķ 72. gr. laga mannréttindakafla hennar aš: ,,Eignarétturinn er frišhelgur. Engan mį skylda til aš lįta af hendi eign sķna nema almenningsžörf krefji. Žarf til žess lagafyrirmęli og komi fullt verš fyrir".


Žaš fara aš falla į mig tvęr grķmur žegar viš veiku sjśklingunum er t.d. żtt śt ķ glęfralegar langtķma fjįrfestingar į borš viš eigiš hśsnęši og geta įtt svo mikla hęttu į aš missa žaš vegna veikinda sinna sem starfsmenn félagslega velferšarkerfisins firra sig af og vilja sem minnst vita af og afsaka sig meš žeim oršum aš žetta sé į forręši heimilis- / sérfręšislęknis hverju sinni fyrir um sig, En viti almenningur, svo endar žetta į žvķ aš ĶLS og ž.m.t. Ķslenska Rķkiš fer hart gegn žessum hópi og žetta į til meš aš fara sķna hefšbundnu leiš ķ kerfinu fyrir dómsstólunum sem veršur žess valdandi aš Rķkiš kemur žessum hópi į svartan lista fyrr en ella, įšur en žessi hópur nęr jafnvel aš hefja lķfiš fyrir einhverri alvöru, hvaš žį koma undir sig fótunum. Svo kjósum viš, žjóšin, žessa einstaklinga sem okkar atvinnurekendur, en svo žegar betur er aš gįš snśa žau įvallt baki viš okkur. ,,Žetta kemur aš okkur eins og vel brżnt oddhvasst eggvopn aš aftanfrį!"

Mig žętti vęnt um aš žiš hugleiddu žessi skrif mķn žvķ nś er löngu komiš tķmabęrt mįl aš linni aš sinni:

Vinsamlegt ath:

Eldri borgarar, öryrkjar, atvinnulausir og einstęšir foreldar eru žessir markvissu hópar sem standa sem höllustum fęti ķ samfélaginu er snżr aš lķfskjörum. Mig žętti vęnt um aš sjį žessar einingar sameinast ķ eina heild og fara fram meš bandalag og svo meš flokkaframboš hvort tveggja ķ Sveitastjórnar- og Alžingiskosningum.

En svo viš höldum okkur įfram viš Stjórnarskrįnna:

Ķ 71. gr. mannréttindakaflans segir oršrétt: "Allir skulu njóta frišhelgi einkalķfs, heimilis og fjölskyldu,,. 

Frišhelgi er sį stašur žar sem viš eigum aš geta komiš til og eigum aš geta notiš okkar fastrar višveru auk helgrar frišar um aldur og ęvi. 

Frišhelgi er žvķ fastur višverustašur sem hefur veriš bśinn til ( skapašur ) fyrir framtķšina, vonir okkar auk vęntinga. 

Peningar eru aftur į móti uppgjör viš fortķšina. Peningasešill sem ég į eins og svo margur annar į peningasešil ķ sķnum vasa er skilgreint uppgjör af okkar daglegri, mįnašarlegri og įrslegri vinnu. Sešillinn er frišhelg eign en veršmęti auk veršgildis hans er žaš aš sjįlfsögšu ekki vegna žess aš žaš er fortķšaruppgjör. Ef žetta uppgjör fer śrskeišis af žvķ aš žaš séu / hafa of margir peningasešlar veriš prentašir žį fellur veršgildi žeirra nišur sem um nemur. 

Žannig er stašan ķ efnahagslķfinu ķ dag kęru landsmenn, nęr sem fjęr.

En žar sem allir vilja skara framśr og vilja hlut af sneiš af kökunni, žį gengur erfišlega aš loka žvķ uppgjöri.

Eigendur fjįrmagnsins eru žvķ nśna į nįkvęmlega žessari sömu stundu og ég rita žetta aš berjast fyrir žvķ aš halda uppi fölsku veršmęti peninga meš žvķ aš handstżra genginu og um leiš aš ganga aš skuldugum eins og enginn sé morgundagurinn.

Žaš sem lįnadrottnum sést yfir er aš eignir fólks eru frišhelgar en veršgildi pappķra žeirra sé žaš aušvitaš ekki. Verra er aš opinberir starfsmenn sem koma aš mįlum viršast ekki skilja žetta neitt heldur.

Fyrst komu žeir eftir skuldugum bifreišaeigandanum og tękjum fagmannanna. Sķšan eignum hśseigandans, hvern į fętur öšrum. Kerfisbundiš hafa žeir brotiš nišur vonir fólks og framtķš, tekiš frį žeim heimilin og atvinnutęki.

Śtibśstjórinn vs bankastjórinn sem var įšur fulltrśi verkalżšsins skilgreindi strķšiš žannig aš žaš yrši gengiš aš hverjum og einum eftir greišslugetu žeirra, en ekki eftir lögmęti lįna. Hann sem fulltrśi fjįrmagnsins auk fjįrsżslunnar sem eyšilagši hagkerfiš og braut žar meš samfélagslega samninginn um verštrygginguna, ętlar fólkinu aš borga verštryggt og skuldsetja hvern og einn eftir getu og helst betur eins og 110% reglan sżndi best.

Til žess aš löggildir pappķrar meš veši ķ eignum fólks gildi sem frišhelg eign og verši jafnfętis öšrum frišhelgum eignum aš žį verša öll slķk veršbréf aš vera gerš samkvęmt lögum žar um, sömuleišis innheimta žeirra eša uppbošsmešferš.

Lögin tryggja fortķšinni rétt inn ķ framtķšina en ekki réttlęting fjįrmagnseigandans, fullyršingar forrįšarmanna fjįrmįlastofnanna um efnahagslegan stöšuleika, lögfręšilegar greinageršir, tślkanir laga eša önnur slķk ólög.

"Žvķ meš lögum skal land byggja og ólögum eyša."

Žess vegna lifa lögin en ekki réttmęti eša réttlęting hagsmunaašila og ólög žeirra. Lögin lifa en réttlętingin ekki.

Starfsmenn fjįrmįlastofnana og sżslumanna verša aš skilja muninn į frišhelgri eign og peningum. 

Žaš veršur aš gęta žess aš žaš sé fariš fullkomlega eftir lögum žegar veriš er aš ganga aš frišhelgum eignum fólks, en ekki treysta alfariš śtreikningum geršum ķ veršbólgu- og vaxtavķmu eins og fjįrmįlastofnanir hafa gert.

Öll lįn sem taka veš ķ heimilum fólks eša einstaklingurinn hefur gefiš veš fyrir skal tślka sem neytendalįn, žvķ žaš er neytandi sem hefur gefiš sitt persónulega veš fyrir meš sinni frišhelgri eign og frišhelgi heimilis sķns.

Žaš er ekki til margskipt frišhelgi. Frišhelgin er sś sama hvort sem žaš er frišhelgi heimilsins eša frišhelgi eignaréttarins annars vegar eša frišhelgi Alžingis og annarra stjórnsżslubygginga.

Allt nżtur sömu frišhelginnar.

En er žaš svo žegar betur er aš gįš?

Frišhelgi eignaréttarins og heimilisins er samningur viš okkur sjįlf og er bundiš ķ stjórnarskrį eins og frišhelgi Alžingis.

Hótanir starfsmanna fjįrmįlastofnana eša lögmanna žeirra sem byggšar eru į ólögmętum ašferšum, tślkanir žeirra sem grundvallast ekki į lögum um neytendalįn heldur byggja į fölskum pappķrum eru žvķ frišhelgisbrot og eru brot į hegningarlögum og skal fara meš žau sem slķk. 

Kęra mį slķka ašila til lögreglu og ętlast er til aš yfirvaldiš taki į mįlum žessa fólks sem hagar sér meš žeim hętti.

Ef opinberir embęttismenn t.d. starfsmenn Umbošsmanns Skuldara ( UMS ) , sżslumenn, dómarar eša ašrir verja ekki frišhelgi fólks og leyfa žaš aš gengiš sé aš frišhelgum eignum fólks meš rangindum og fölsunum žį eru žessir opinberu sżslumenn aš fremja mannréttindabrot. Žetta gildir lķka um žį lögmenn sem fyrir fjįrmįlastofnanirnar vinna, žvķ žeir starfa sem opinberir sżslumenn og taka įbyrgš sem slķkir.

Žeir einstaklingar sem fremja slķk mannréttindabrot mį kęra persónulega beint til alžjóšadómstóla eins og t.d. Alžjóšaglępadómstólsins ķ Haag, žvķ ķslenskir dómarar eru ekki skipašir af frišhelgu Alžingi og eru žvķ ekki hęfir til aš fjalla um frišhelgisbrot eša mannréttindabrot og glępi gegn almenningi.

Ég tel mig hafa nįš aš svara žessum stęrstu hluta meginmįls mķns hérna innį.

En žiš svo gott sem rįšiš ykkar eigin lķfi en ef žiš teljiš aš lķfskjör ykkar, barna auk barnabarna ykkar muni koma til meš aš batna meš žvķ aš žaš yngist upp ķ žessum flokkum žį er žaš rangt, žvķ žau ašhyllast stefnu en hugsa svo bara um aš komast yfir skattféš okkar žegar į heildina er litiš.


Óskar Örn Adolfsson / Ó.Ö.A.

Spurningar sem hinn almenni žjóšfélagsžegn, jafnt ķ višskiptalķfinu sem og annars stašar ętti aš taka sér ansi vel til umhugsunar:

Hvers virši er mešfęddur persónuleiki auk persónutöfra, fįgulegrar framkomu, išjusemi, skyldurękni, stundvķsi o.ž.h. frį hendi misžroska ( fatlašra sjśklinga ) einstaklinga, ef atvinnurekandi hafnar žessum hópi svo ķ griš og elg meš aš rįša žaš til vinnu žegar auglżst sé ķ įkvešnar stöšur, jafnvel žótt um fleiri en eitt stöšugildi sé auk vęri um aš ręša hverju sinni fyrir um sig, hvaš žį topp mešmęlabréf frį žįverandi vinnuveitanda / vinnuveitendum?

Žessi hópur einstaklinga į / er / og skal vera borin/n įvallt til jafns vegs og viršingar śt ķ hinu vķšförla samfélgi sem viš bśum og lifum ķ, en žvķ fer samt sem ansi fjarri žótt žessi hópur reynir fyrir sér aš sżna hve sjįlfstęšur hann sé ķ hugsun auk verkum og gjöršum. Žessi hópur į / ętti t.d. aš njóta sannmęlis til jafnręšis og jafnfętis viš samnemendur sķna ķ fram- og hįskólum landsins žegar kemur aš žessari endanlegu, žżšingamiklu śtskrift, en vegna fordóma yfirmanna skóla žį fį žessir einstaklingar ekki aš śtskrifast af tregšu og žaš finnst mér ljótt aš gefa žį afsökun aš žaš seinki fyrir hinum sem séu heilbrigšir fyrir. Eiga žessir stjórnendur H.Ķ. miklar skammir fyrir og žetta er ekki žeim til mikillar framdrįttar meš žessi diplónįm...   

Žaš er żmislegt sem ég gęti bętt viš žennan mįlaflokk sem mętti margt til sannsögunnar fęra til betri vegar, en žį er greinilegt aš žaš žarf ansi mikiš aš koma til, t.d. žurfum viš aš fį fleiri einstaklinga śr žessum röšum innį žing, sem rįšherra o.s.frv. svo hęgt verši aš fęra žessi mįl til betri vegar, ekki fyrr veršur unniš almennilega aš žessum mįlum fyrir žennan hóp samfélagsins, aš öšru leyti sópast žetta bara undir teppiš eša ofan ķ skrifboršsskśffu rįšuneytanna!  

"The final manner of tying the testimonials memory," truth ", a story by Oskar Arnars Adolfsson, thin, mute sounds that could not be received beyond the walls of / because of the risk to workers lost their job,"

The reason that I write and write this down here is how the silence has been great in my case no matter where I look so then I decided to knit wrapping in the history of this buildup.
The main reason that I write and write this here now but not long before the primary that delayed diagnosis which I learned by myself which is consistent ...
NGOs Mentality is an organization of people with brain injury, ašstašenda & enthusiasts of the issue & was established on 21 February 2007.
In addition, organizations Mentality in cooperation with brain injury team Reykjalundur.
Invisible disabilities after brain injury - New Beginnings at different end. Either way, it relates, on the bad road or at the positive mode!
Introduction to latent disability, etc. in intimate matters.
Each year, 500 people receive brain damage in Iceland which receive about 50-80 serious injury & need of specialized treatment. Other reasons may include brain damage, eg embolism, bleeding in the brain, tumors or hypoxia. Others suffer in connection with umferšaslys, violence or falls. Some can survive for some time largely as & before, while others have to live with persistent & severe damage. Brain damage can have various physical consequences of such paralysis or mįlerfišleika. However, many people get latent disability after injury. That is to say that disability is not directly visible to others, such as & concentration.
Invisible disabilities:
It is often difficult for people with brain injury to get others to show the hidden disability awareness.
It may be because the environment may have difficulty in analyzing this type of disability of the affected personality & think that's why the person with the brain injury has always been like that.
Often connect people become, brain injury "to a person sitting in a wheelchair, is mentally ill or greindarskert. These prejudices have resulted in that many individuals with brain injury do not tell since they have brain damage.
("When others can not see the injury (disability) my, do they think there is nothing ').
Perception is everything:
For a person who has a brain does it all matter to be met with understanding & respect for how it is to have brain damage. Some difficulties of supplying memory damaged by claiming themselves have problems with memory. Thus well meant comments can however understand that having a brain injury by the feeling that he is not taken seriously. Others may doubt that the person with brain injury should really mean by harm. If a person with a brain injury does not understand, it can increase the sense of his being isolated, which in turn may increase the tendency to depression.
("When I cant be taken seriously, it increases my feeling of being different,,).
Examples of symptoms of brain injury - more details below in the body.
To all concerned is concerned, respecting the past & has touched month, year & decade / i:
Thus, the issue is & told is well-established under the old proverb, "the individual at any given time should be tailored / construct positioned for growth" ....
But I would ask, however, all parties someone involved or will be called upon to do so at a later stage of this case!
How on earth could I as a young child at this particular time period to suspect that my parents had lost one child, just over three years after I was born & that he should not have reached the compulsory attendance hiking, etc.? What then should I also ž.a.u. not born alheilbrigšur, hypoxia at birth and more. in the context of this, hidden disabilities "Prelude & illness accompanied by hypoxia on brain injury & even while later epilepsy that may accompany the person for years & decades on end, unless something is done & done.
P.S. Please do so well & tell your opinion & opinion on all these + things to come in society. "By the Star of direct reference & tilvitnjunar the Matrix Appointment book from 1997, the one from my family! Parking: There is a lot mishaps symbols dream wedding, especially for lovers. Close friend or relative might have died, dreamer lost property or suffered disappointed. Sweet dreams unmarried people it is to marry can expect financial difficulties or other difficulties. Married men deceased person is a danger, even death. exists a belief that dreams men they married that autumn is a staff Happy marriage. Sweet dreams people to their spouse married to another will change their lives. " The thing is that I berdreymdi a large part of this, however, some good time before following sporadic incidents took place & time, & vast majority of this has already come true & walked according to written discourse anticipated facts. My financial difficulties began as & started when I lived at home with their parents, a few years ago Atel I before I stood against the opposite expressly against my father for certain matters višgengndust & žrķfšust many years within the walls of beds allowed device, despite my illness & I have had a stroke at birth, etc. Then it just so in such a way because of how coherent I saw the movie around family, especially my parents, though I loved them & still do, then & is just one coarse & spas bad habit that I could not reconcile myself to create & live amidst, it was & is to be respectively as it is to be an active / passive alcohol activist!!! It took me enough darn long to win me then out of these so-called spiral fjįrmįlaóreišu formulation in me ... & It can be also traced back to the time & period that I had the hardest time being accepted in life because of this bad mental & physical sneered that I was in my younger years, resulting in net complete one base on my part, for which & after I moved away from home. In 2007 the parent my family very hard & heavy burden review. This truly magnificent, very painful & eventful year bar & was of such a nature that just ca. almost in the middle of spring rather than summer they die & fall mother of the mother of my mother, such as my great-grandmother, but in the middle of autumn dies & falls cousin of the same family contacts, my mother's sister. Mental strip - & truth which existed, as observed should include further arguments or move or shift except for the pages is:
My mother, for example, has never recovered from the death of this oldest child's & even though I had been born three years later, such as would be 3 years younger than that then my brother that I remember nothing left but pure photographs of it. So what I'm trying to explain & justify improved is that despite the difficult birth, all these general explanations and history of my in print since then a doctor, I do not justify such omissions as well consideration of solvent from the part of parents less is sus primary & secondary memory. Since I was in a rigid, disgraceful, that mental & physical bullying, as well as that I almost never offered that public participation within the walls of my fellow student, etc. in general social social, both inside and outside its walls. In other words, I was like & wet, twisted scold, intermittent & other dry. "I was one of those who was well adlegum & physical energy & shots if needed targeting good & give firearms fishing licenses"
It is absolutely obvious directed to say that everything I had to offer, whether it relates to the bullying, which was such a little poorly handled as well as I was often very tired & exhausted by the day, both Because of this particular drug intake as & less illness in general it appears that they each made light itself little about taking a small target, eg One example of brain injury symptoms that I remember clearly now well after I was home, but my mother did not want to face the facts.
Honestly it is a lot underneath I'm far from being satisfied, let alone be satisfied with where we men are are what usually counted and sakbendir the perpetrators of various sexual samneitum plus acts, but rarely is the female balance out The documents and recognizes accusation because of how we have managed to develop this community a twisted way and manner.
Am I reaching the eyes and ears reader here with it?!
Sexual abuse / other comparable force and physical violence is the home clean and ready sįlarmorš, right?!
But in connection with this over a 2 decades and suppressed memories associated with them:
How would you, the general public react if I told you that dark ugly secret that I have stayed lying all this time the age old fully recovered sane aunt my mother's side had abused me, a person with symptoms of brain damage due to anticipation of stroke and insufficient oxygen supply to the brain, sexually when we were 10-12 years old and she had full consciousness and codependence for what she had been doing to me?!
During my visit at the time she deceived me down in the basement and this began with some games struck and so she asked me to follow up upto room etc..
I can go on and on with these descriptions around these visits my mother and my younger siblings, but I just heal not so today.
The second incident was when a person that I met around my primary school. He was four years younger than me and invited me several times to his home into his room and he always gave a different reason than the fact remained and later came to light during the day in recent times and the time that he was ready to start a family and come a girlfriend, etc..
Thus, the issue is that often in most cases, reports of abuse syndromes person, same with the analysis refers to each instance, the release drop due to lack of evidence and proof burdens, let alone when these individuals are not included credible and severe in private dealings with his fellow citizens, and it is this man that much unfortunately come.
Do you find this normal development?!
I challenge you, the victims of sexual abuse to come forward for shields, because now is the time ...
Who has experienced such a test of it is trying to have an external impact outside of the vķšförli society, no matter whether the person has experienced the same things, uneven in their lives?
What saddened me the most most understanding loose among the public as well as those who have not sopiš extract from this part of the chapter of the book of life what and how it is burdened with the heavy burden on their shoulders and especially within the soul of each and every person to have been violated the relevant person in each instance individually.
This reduces neither the bilbug nor those that discouraged though mentally gešheislan with me is a God long before the yard overboard and disappeared that there shall be that reciprocity understanding in society, but is only expected to con re forgive and forget so, so dig strķšsöxina and so it is only possible to maintain the same vicious circle continues and break specifically on what the smallest defense, as well as carry out in the community.
(I'm very sorry to come when like this before, yes I say former high officials can Telfs pešunum her out in such a way at the expense of truth and ask king or priest, in other words, Wanted Or Dabba uncle to delete these sporadic station records, when reveals how much inflow, reading and more. relevant blogs are getting, then they are just killed suckling, because lobbying each)?
Resistant to the public with the truth!
Obviously not ...
I could endlessly continue this discussion but since it pretty much boils my anticipation for the present, on 28 June 2013 and I also know my mediocrity conservative in their choice of words.
Although I am starting to have a conversation with various individuals from around then I started to take care not to give as much opportunity for me as before and make the most sensitive part that pushes all up in the end, it's just not I care what others think, regardless of my strengths and weaknesses, then this has no interconnection with or against my mind, I just can not stand continuous repeated discourse segment, but unfortunately it seems to move the arms in many understand it who said that in addition to being required to take account of the mutual conditions, if not Circumstances relating to others around them as well as a discussion topic of each case.
Yes, I know and am perfectly aware that I got a call today where I was eventually taken / n on the carpet for my writing instead of wanting to unwind whole package and audits, after me sįrlangar to throw out here, but I'm not me, not because of sympathy etc. or because i enjoy to destroy reputations of others, but because the person in the community.
The thing is that this will all cuts much deeper than that and is always discussed and karpaš in pure could.
It was in today at my meeting I go no further into that I would wind up because of unnecessary allegations in my garden.
I ended up with instead of the bolt on the door as rude meeting called in kaffisamsęti to stand up, turn around, get some tissue in the left pocket and wipe watery eyelids.
It is a lovely easy game to say and advised that with the psychologists and other incidental benefits.
But yeah, of course I admit my weaknesses as well as cost, but I ask myself often following questions following a failure in life:
Why and for what we have as well as we were created in sitthvorn way with character analysis, as well as personality if your family, closest friends, problems people as well as other ordinary citizens give such enormous big skķtkast at everyone, in other words, sjįlfsumglešin and selfish underlying / dominated the fight all places in the individual?!
I just ask ...
I wonder:
Do not you think that parents and guardians should be able to have a little more claim to a clear answer from the provider of their children, whether they live in a social or independent residence, when such issues arise that may cause such misunderstandings and vibration that is just the traditional routine, although just a fraction fraction of the truth stated by the hand of the child, then a make, nor forgives not the person to plug one of the 'best' friends with dagger this way and excuse things in other ways. Not that affection should still be available, but the spoil from them, such as mutual influence analytics from my hand toward this former friend, I honestly it is still to digest this, because if so, it would in addition have been more between us, as I say, I know what I will do here now is pretty big words fall, "this is in his head."
Why did I escape to the automobile cases when I found out about that I could invest in a car and be widows, yes because future thinking, but this turned neither had a mutual fascination that the elves / n any virtual reality in his eyes, ears and mind .
But now, after all this is perhaps the main driver apparently causes acid I took myself turning into my pharmaceutical at the time, eimmitt of drug withdrawal symptoms and have never felt better physically, although mentally and socially gates are shattered.
But just as it stated it does not cause misunderstandings:
An ex-friend of mine can only thank his blessed be no medicine, but in my opinion, and the court would not be mad idea, not just because of him but those around him, though he would not except in one particular, in order to keep these inaccurate / delusions out to those standing next to him.
I can at least certify that I am not the first nor what I shall be the last of his ranks who encounter / experience this friendship towards him to be misinterpreted at the expense of sexual orientation, kynįttu / kynvillu that in addition to those he meets and to communicate samneitum well and I am very, wounded, frustrated as well as being very bitter because of the way these issues did evolve!
I've gone on between his friends out of the area and explore their interests and mind to this change with his new partner, and they are my harmony with the boy and distant friends, take up 'facing mate samples before them . This was in the den along before I left my former friend that I visited them when he was at home with her every day after work and I saw almost as little of it.
I think this is far from being normal, but it lacks e-d more under which I will not detail the corpse.
But this is far from being both to cultivate friendship, let alone a relationship based on a healthy scratch!
It is free to any addition to their own opinion, and the opinions, but I'll take it out here if my writings and publications seem to give it strongly suggested, there was and is no one nor any of jealousy, jealousy over o.ž.h . of my hand in his / their yard, just as one would have been able to express it in other ways, such as to show him some special variations, etc. drooling over this.
14.01.2013 | 23:25
Please view feedback is sought from the hands of the public is facing, in respect of whom have suffered for gossip, fabrication and lies have been in equal following a false accusation and blackmail!
"There are two differences become unnecessary personal and / or be a victim harassment as well as extortion and to be either a victim of sexual violence or perpetrator"
Thus, the issue is that in 2005 I met and I was confronted with a person who's now the past twenty today. It was not enough that I have moved out and surged into reišiskasti with my father, after having had both of them for watching the most and be the ones of his hand is facing physical violence, even after having been through hardship is coming primary education, where I had been laid also very spiritual, social and physical bullying where it when I looked for her social network after I moved out from my parents after having been found guilty of being either individually rejected on the grounds what, who and how I was turned is closer position, but unfortunately it is so in the case of parents and guardians less they have given little for my medical diagnosis, even though I have had a stroke in birth, in other words, perfection thirst strikes has been such that in recent times I have found that their love to me in my yard has greinlega not be greater than they abused my name and social security number w / more just to be able facilitated family fólksfultningana from place A to place B, but then I was just pushed aside the lip and said that it would be even better for me, although they knew and saw it bersżnislega on me mentally, physically and socially existence were all shattered. "What I mean is that since the parent / s of the person concerned has achieved so much in such a way to carry out such ósannsögli, slander and lies that had been based solely on anecdotal facts, even without outside credible witnesses and then go forward with blackmail against me that has not been successful as expected, let alone set later followed me without merit restraining ... 'Based on what basis and check? " Then there is no problems equipment now for me after these 6 years, when this is now first for real go to try on mental health and perseverance my informing the public about this here from A - Z in addition be identified this individual in question here on the blog my and let this go as a "wildfire" of blogs and web world! This is just the foreground above, but now comes the chapter in question that will shock they've given all of the external public in society more than most and gets the definition of those will be, however, a pedophile / barnaperri and one hand which is being to have a person for the wrong reason, purely on the grounds of abuse of position of the person in question, in this case my cases where I and many other defined lame, but I do not consider myself as such, but as a general patient that must be handled at a time, which clearly has little em ill be shown due to the negligence of parents and guardian, until recent times, and the time I had moved out, got a purely coincidental inspiration to change past life is turned to administration process if I should to stay alive and head forward, so I did and more., which will be so noted in more detail below. As I have provided here only a little in the beginning I met a person named these acronyms AYS / A.Y.B., I choose rather to mention Mr. Q onto Facebook in recent times. The person as I had come out and all of this fine, with the exception of communication and association that person was not the ordinary decent citizens, except for the time that he wrote in my garden to my Father, let my dad Your crush your head Helv., ff, business. "This communication and Spokesman's abuses and abuses still to this day from sites like before site that was closed due to the various inappropriate contact this person to me a complete needlessly through ( I stumbled into by Mr. Q came to me twice from his hometown in his time with the bus schedule from BSI. Why and why why did he do it? Because there are just some of the unique individual personalities, just think of the lower Part, and nothing else, but unfortunately it was in my case, although I have been on for more and more present, but because of all of the samhilša went with me this time around past ghosts, and the old well-established drugs I was on at that point, everything was done to make the single greatest food out, much to my troubles and psychological psychosis. exponent point of all this was this particular late summer evening in 2005, I decided to open myself for my parents and for all, and told them that I would come out and even fixed, but knowing the general population, I just got an ice-cold water Gusa over me like the feeling of rejection was the involved. But since way back out of the neighborhood my parents that I grew up in from ca. 8 years old, I met a person called the acronyms BDG, and I want to mention Mr. recent times. X. When I came out from childhood my neighborhood across from söluturninn Holt lunches at the time later in the evening with Mr. Q then encounters I have for a purely coincidental Mr. X. Hr. X, begins to whine, Vola and crying over how the past makes them come with parents his requests me to give him shelter for a certain time until the wave endemic. thing is that at the time I admit it here that I was to some extent a little doting with this being done to provide Mr. X, shelter and shoot including hįlfpartinn upon him under false pretenses, where he later lied about everything from me because of his consumption, whether it was in the form of grass, cannabis or Marjut. When Mr. Q and Mr. X., came to my home were they like on top of that to go out on a rotary file in the same street and bought with them the alcohol. But what has been among the worst in mental sanity mine whether such as Mr. X and his mother, Mrs. GHG, I want to mention Ms. Y , which took place this unfounded complaint, where word against word stood up but no external witnesses, nor what the biological samples, etc., it should be made against me on behalf of this boy with such a complaint as I is further ordered to blame lie / sit etc and fróaš boy her, let alone the Mr. Q?! Imagine what can be so hard to go out in such a way without outside and fill depth research interests to bear such persons for the wrong reason and if nothing is true, then what if the case goes any ešaa altogether not in court, then tried with such klękjum and paw fékśga that the persons in question, if the person fails to claim the set on the person umsvķfunarlaust restraining order, even though he has not been informed about it! But what I most one smart, let them feel grįtlega sad but especially deleterious fact: When you get up at last to the person / s within the government is have broken in such a serious way and actually testify and still get to play in spite of it, if not they, it / they are moved to another job within the administration official tells you everything there is to say! Klķkuskapur clean and if you / you know not something / someone who is smart enough or wise / what the devious lawyer in the sector, so as to bring your defamation, ósannsöglum sögusögnum and the various lies across there are more chances that you / you land in such difficulties and I'm facing the reputation bodily. Failure on the whole is not only made to destroy my childhood, but my reputation in žokkabót, thank you for pent, the ones that stood up so well that through the centuries ...
I was wrongly accused by something which I didn“t do anyway, so because of that my life has been like a hell by being accused of being a pedophile by no reason, only by telling the police the truth!!!
It is sometimes often directed & focused that I simply cap for the & netašgöngum this because of the & as how it has been a poorly weighted & apply to me / man in society after I managed to find out that properly surface in my life to previous years when I was the most worst of seizures associated with my previous history of child childhood. But due to present less of certain specific party & that I would later have launched & shot the other party whip age of sheltering initiatives & sympathy - & volęšissemis in question during the relevant period of the year & unfortunately due to my illness I had pressures from that because I have been made obvious by the drugs that I've had to take over the years due to reduced illness they are pressure-& psychotropics that deep down I was about oh & when I found out about it their time. But what turns this & touches the young boy, as he was & still is to this day, though it would be if I just did not span the visions / I would just not at all surprising considering the last time I knew him, ca. 2-3 days before his mother then laid out the complaint against me for the other person had sought assistance from my the place to stay because the former problems with their parents & this is the culmination & harvest for the so-called kindness less & then to Klin others like višbj ... & ... óžv from such person's current addict & a fully grass etc., & who knows if he falls into e-d even stronger later in old age, compared the degree of disorder is generally on it and has not changed at all from this period, this was supposed to have played eve!!! But that is just some individuals, fégręšgin grabs them öržrifarįši and desperate for better times and happy days ... Those with prosecution & jurisdiction = Shame On You. But the incident: considering all this confusion .. curse from my x-boyfriend then I doubt that he is reluctant to meet their ofjarli so to speak, for I know all about the detailed relationship to the "dealer" which was supposed to have sold him stöffiš at the time / period & be seeking assistance from passing directly / indirectly to say for Monster inside the mouth of Wolf announces no good Uppal second is for a second term, but it's a second story of simultaneously educate the public about the details. Since this is the legislators - Three courts power & society as a whole has become so completely distorted & Complete abandoned it's become such as this there is the Star seems to be just OK if the younger generation tilhneigšist to as & įsęlist & seeks especially & especially for older persons but then if it is opposite to the one who is older is more for the younger breed then all kolvitlaust & crazy on all fronts of legislators - & judicial system, so completely disappeared happiness etc.. Please if you have e-d of this to say, please express your opinion, whether it turns alm. the frustrations of public.era this or not, or just tell your side & alm. review & feedback on this issue & attitude etc. P.S. I'm just afraid it to dive even deeper into the year that haršbakkann strikes, particularly & especially when it is trying to ófegra żmynd my respect, honor and more. ... "Just no prob!"
Reference to log onto youtube who argue my case:
01.11.2013 | 01:13
Omission of the legislature in matters related to gender error (disorientation), pedophiles, women who are beginning to undercut themselves to be a top in itself and what the young boys and girls including, also.
One of the articles, columns-Star columnist may know! And it is the following: There are individuals in the community who will stop at nothing when money is on the one hand the cards and little or no proof doors underlying provider of the violations that have occurred have actually become, but is trying often to play and match play mental and physical health of the individual, so as to make the party as suspicious and unbelievable community as effectively testify. It can be caused myself as I have found that with the various social & welfare related to child welfare, the courts have repeatedly ignored medical records specialist doctors through the ages. So I ask you for this very good coverage in the media industry is facing important Karl Representative Žorsteinsson! Would you actually consider acceptable to the individual trays end up with electronic ankle bands, if they / them do not get them acceptable, decent reviews over his head, just as each one rightly should get if this Justice & law would not be so badly built up from scratch ...
07.02.2013 | 02:03
Can you answer conscientiously following questions will be addressed to you now:
Who has not gone out of track in school life?
At all times the same shovel earth mounds over the same area, because it has not been properly cared for, arrange it and thought about it?
The increasingly pushing for, balloon around and hang out in an individual until both spiritual, social and physical health that is almost languished / n, just so as to get them to admit that things have become even 50% / 50 % occurred but was never fully gone to work?
One thing I want to convey clearly stated and it is, however, three things:
Nr. 1: "There is a big difference between being a pedophile and is subject to great barnagirnd at a high level."
Nr. 2, being accused falsely of an object / i who had / had not been made in whole or in part without external evidence available, equivalent sögusögnum plus pure defamation. "
Nr. 3: "Because the individual has not been able to move good enough case for the complaint against the person concerned and the same, even let the whole truth out, then it gets even the same, and let the truth shine, either individually sent themselves restraining letters after extortion demand has been the person who has the right to refuse! '
This is only done nowadays in order to facilitate a person to blackmailing on which the identical / the same, arranged an appointment with.
But then I ask:
Why should I not long for God, since I've been under so many turns and information purposes msn: email addresses of the persons who have been selling themselves, either of which both boys underage girls, and just over the limit that I have so largely if not any way neither met nor seen, purely because of their lack of interest towards me and others of my sequences can be understood as the absolute pre-judgments in the case as well as lack of knowledge. But of course I'm glad God!
The public should be mindful that it should abstain throwing themselves and others, whether close / n relative or friend is involved into the deep end, just to can krufiš person who turns to the issue every time answer; without prior verification mined, whether biological or other incidental items in the case ...
It constitutes an otherwise history verb and gossip with trying impose such unnecessary black spots on the person concerned in the community for the smallest sake!!!
What I wanted to say and wanted to build this no. 1 of the 65 paragraph., Constitutional Law relating to human rights provides the dark 1944 no. 33 17 June
Constitution of the Republic of Iceland
Entered into force on 17 June 1944. Amended by Act. 51/1959 (entered into force 20 August 1959), l. 9/1968
(Entered into force April 24, 1968), l. 65/1984 (entered into force June 13, 1984), l. 56/1991 (entered into
on 31 May 1991), l. 97/1995 (entered into force 5 July 1995), l. 100/1995 (entered into force July 5
1995), and l. 77/1999 (entered into force July 1, 1999)
65th Article. [All shall be equal before the law and enjoy human rights irrespective of sex, religion, opinion, national origin, race, color, economic status, family status
Men and women shall enjoy equal rights in all respects.]
L. 97/1995, 3 Article.
76 Article. [All who so require, shall be guaranteed by law a right to assistance in case of sickness, disability, old age, unemployment, poverty and similar events.
Everyone shall be guaranteed by law the right to general education and tuition Haein ¬??.
Children should be guaranteed by law the protection and care
welfare requires.]
L. 97/1995, 14 Article
75th Article. [Everyone is free to pursue the occupation of their
vote. This freedom, however, may be restricted by law, provided
the public interest so requires.
The law shall provide for the right to negotiate their terms of employment and other rights related to work.]
L. 97/1995, 13 Article
7 Article.
69th Article. read as follows:
No one will be done to be punished unless he has been guilty of conduct which was punishable under the law at the time when it took place or is totally analogous to such conduct. Penalties may not be more severe than was the law when the conduct occurred.
The law may never provide for the death penalty.
8 Article.
70th Article. read as follows:
Everyone has the right to obtain redress of their rights and obligations and of any charge against the criminal conduct of justice within a reasonable time by an independent and impartial tribunal. Public hearing shall be subject to a hearing unless the judge decides otherwise by law to take care of decency, public order, national security or the interests of the parties.
Any person accused of a criminal offense shall be presumed innocent until his guilt has been proved.
9 Article.
71 Article. read as follows:
Everyone is entitled to privacy, home and family.
Do not make or physical search of a person, search the premises or possessions, except under court order or a statute. The same applies to the study of documents and mail, phone calls and other communications, as well as any corresponding reduction in private persons.
Notwithstanding paragraph 1, paragraph. can be a statute limiting differently privacy, home or family if the urgency of the rights of others.
But the main reason why I have not gone with my information relates to human hunting to these young people is simple:
What society has cast himself badly and become aware of?
Sex offenders also thrive within the administration and could pretty much imbalance is coming to apply those individuals to justice ...
So these fools can just bitten into his armpit / shield ducks that have not previously taken on these issues as well as many others here in the community!!!
Perspective, Planning & initiatives:
The trouble started on parts & initiate.
Fatigue & lack of stamina:
All projects take a long time.
Has not the stamina to complete projects.
This was eimmitt on the ways in which things developed often with homework for me & instead skilningssemis was very strong understanding of solvent may prove both my parents & in this case my father, because he though either broke his hand stuck in the table or gave I quite often agree with smacking & sometimes whatever the fist so that the person, but not so in it was found that my mother could see it.
Lose the thread.
Sensory Interpretation:
Sees only one half of the visual field.
Hard to read.
Hard to express themselves through speech or writing.
Hard to understand what is said.
When I had often to come home after school day & it was literature or e-d similarly in homework for the next day was like & dew had been drawn for the sun, because it did not care what & how often my mother tried to obey me of these stories, questions, etc. tilvitnjanir & How patient she was against me ended up in the end by hand, they gave up, saying that I was lazy, etc..
Cries & laughs without intending it.
Become irritable, gives up quickly or becomes depressed.
Lacking self-confidence & self-esteem.
I cried often deep down & also outwards especially when it was time to sleep.
One time I remember one year he gave my mother's mother, who was & is also bringing her father, me & my younger brother who comes after me in the pecking order sitthvorn Scout knife. In my opinion it is one of the worst gift of hindsight that he could give me & move, because this evening & nights I lived at home with my parents, was found not to be listening to me, I'll be worthless in this society o.ž . h., then I lay bern eight under blanket with scouts knife & knife blade outstanding blunt open, just like me & desperately wanted to take my own life.
I could go on and on listing, but one of the very worst that offer parents take their children to do even that will cause the divide large families often in recent times is that when the parents take the offer because of their own initiative & falsely to deprive the child & individual including their independence, financial autonomy and more. Which will often prevent the person responds ókvęša with & "puts oars in the boat," contrary to his conscience wicked awareness & without knowing even while properly the consequences of it, is now almost second term, whatever so now in involved each time. I know however that I did things misjamt varies & sometimes at the expense of my loved ones, then I &'m talking about the parents & siblings, but it's still nothing compared to what & then probably it passing & happens with the all serious crimes the country, but it still forfeiting & forgiving person not then these minor things that you had at the time made, although they are small in scale compared to the most serious crimes, but that such individuals like me in this case and who knows if not more is and would be the case where the parents or guardian men abuse their position with respect to disposal of their child in any way is also disgusting and outrageous, is the second time that person looked offer future making etc.. In my case, it was so that my name and id., Were either of them abused so as to please the 3rd party, such as, my younger brother who comes after me in age row, they were using their My illness to the maximum extent possible to receive me the coffee table just to sign any paper document that I now remember in recent times have been a waiver or purchase contract of automobile. This is so ugly and not being able to down a position, because according to this because these awkward rules TR, they had parents or guardian my men of my 1/2% of the grant that I actually had a right from the start with the right terms. But I would pretty much say it here as & live at the event, the main reason & context that because I was bored out of this debt-to financial institutions, this smįžjófnaši etc. was because my parents have taken away my honor, dignity, loved to be an individual with a live, weak how independent I was, despite my illness, eg I let them not walk behind me to drive me here & there, & the south when it came under etc.. & It unfortunately went in their finest, I was much more for public transport than being tied to einkabķlstjóra & so was the money of course discuss such My black out one incident my father did share & my expense, I believe & felt that it would be illegal with the whole, it was that he had specially debit card with his image and more. & Let me have it so as to be able to follow ... xxxxx, I think I simply do not need to say more, nor go further there these hymns. "But unfortunately this turned out to be a stark reality in my younger years & I sit unfortunately stuck with the consequences of this all my actions, but now today I changed & better person wants so dramatically something good good way.
My parents are each individually as I believe come from drinking team family people, at & will always find it difficult to handle alcohol. & I've seen already half siblings less infected from the available, but I would not consider myself so that's why I moved around in the twenties reišiskasti because of what I call clean & Finishing domestic violence, not only against me but also against my mother & brother who came after me in the pecking order. Context that all this often was that I rushed out the door after door slammed behind me, if I went straight up to my room or steamed in reišiskasti after either the most experienced side with my father because various issues, whether related to education or something else, then & is obvious that despite lecture & details that my then-specialist doctor said to both of them for me & my illness diagnosis that it seems that there no nature have replaced or modified , as compared to how I was let alone with & around my serious illness, I had to often down the hall almost alone since I got almost always these words in the belly of my mother in spite of these continuous recurrent seizures that were so bad at the time, so now my Oscar. Now allow these attacks to come, because if you think streytast always continue to fight with them against you just makes it worse for you, etc.. "Dry I end up having that in one way or another to apply this time & drug changes for many years almost one & unaided without any extraneous support.: Today is my father surprised that I should not mix happily communicate with all of them, come to visit, etc. after all this time after all the before being finalized. example, I even had difficulty sleeping because of all the fetched to me from all sides, but of course I would have wished that the issues had evolved in different & better way.
It lacks pretty much offer with administration here on this blessed our country, Iceland, to make a decent distinction at the time period in which these persons, either around my age, sooner or later, only came into the world, then, for example, no Internet yet or intermittent very scarce, as well as all GR and became parents and guardians to obtain a municipal libraries, right and proper for me?
Social & Hafnarfirši in all my interactions with her & employees:
When it turned out I first searched for her for the Social Hafnarfirši in mid-2003, I was referring to & directly to her tight. What she just said pretty much to me that I was really terribly sorry, because there were that shed a responsibility in my opinion is the best I believe ...., decided such just waiting to help me until I was getting so badly, both financially, socially, mentally & physically.
These very short conversation between me & bore at the time evolved in such a way that she even perhaps along with others out press under the foundations for me to invest in my own apartment property, even & despite all the flaws & shortcomings that turned to my former residence outlook & issues.
Just after I bought & invested in this particular apartment Reykjavķkurvegi 50, ca. 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 months after I moved into in August 2003 until September 2005 I lost it because of all these suppressed memories, emotions & events that took place & took place both inside the home as & school on their time. Had this ž.a.l. also a very strong impact on me facing the full work capacity memory Nóatśni at the time, but that's not to say that I have not been able to open myself to the Shop Manager žįv. I just had much more of their time! So, not only so I canceled the all human communication & relationship with my family, friends & acquaintances because of all this. & I was not quite 100% with the record that relates to the specific information & collection at the time I inquired about it is the numerical strength of contents / import power amounted to 40,000 thousand. from Félags-/Velferšarrįšuneytinu.
But after I lost my apartment, I was on the street for half years. While that was hired I herbergiskytru with Salvation Army.
It then took just nothing better is the girls with Social Services Hafnarfirši, they just look & Sjöfn Gušmunds., Former social affairs & my current head of home care services, call first & let me know because that would have been decent housing etc. ...
I wonder, What is classified under appropriate housing today & housing where tenants are to thrive, etc.? "
I lived & rented this property, such as apartment ca. over 3-3 1/2 years. I gave up in the end, the eternal nonsense & contentious topic of getting certain things apartment around. Even this was beginning to be pretty much carry on running matters relating to the daily operations & public agency on the ground floor of the extension, but if I bring me very much of this concern, it was just like hand & were waved through skķtkasti.
I specifically asked my doctor about professional writing / writing a letter because all this is con & touched rental housing assistance Austurgata 4 is reminds me & Raman rightly, but none of this was respected by domes interest on the part of the Social Hfj. It was not until I decided to bring me here for a lot out of this particular óķbśšahęfa fitness, they thought then continue to rent out etc. I resolved my goals at the right time approx. 1 mo. after "Geir Hilmar Haarde asked God Almighty to bless the land", then I had & was already ready to invest in, one way ticket only "& I was going to settle in the country & do not come back, but things changed after The four-month stay.
But honestly it so I only go back for a few months, if not a half years, I had the spring for this particular trip taken by me & my family apartment on rent for a week in Akureyri first week in July in 2007. The reason was simply that, after all this annual eventful KA - 7 tournament class boys & my youngest brother played & still plays to this day with their clubs hawk. But the most strangest that happened to me one particular morning when my brother was playing around noon, it was on the ways it was like a light bulb & have been extra for inside & heilastarfssenunum all been turned on, it just sķsvona an instant, & as the body had been telling me at that point that now would be positioned ships, a new chapter in my life regarding uppstokun of current, former lifestyle etc. Medicinal with associated memory and additional medical problems, such as allergy, reversal of Unhealthy lifestyle associated with matarręšiš & fitness, so as to reach to keep to himself & cultivate their inner & outer man. I went further shuffling of memory drugs & medications, transformed matarręšinu & went to the gym for about 2 mo. & Lost their entire 40 kg. & That's completely different person today, without throwing etc, even my guru is so exceedingly gįttuš & surprised that certain successful monotherapy. But so have the issues now & weather set soon hear the air towards these regimens in nearly all cases, if more than two agents involved with each administration.
It is obvious after meeting my preceding Wednesday, the 28th September 2011 legal for the Southwest & Hafnarfjordur there to confirm that my inner suspicion I've always been a threat to strip & mind but no guts to raise until now. He saw that the state or rather social welfare package just like & it's built today, are not the person involved in delinquent status, if the person came from misbrotnum household, even if the person does with the help of her family set aside a deposit savings , it is just like & person concerned is required to empty the savings first in one way or another, eg investment in their own apartment, even a car despite contrary mental & physical position in society, it is just like & it is ignored it until the person has come to the streets, not neither knife nor spoons etc. In other words. Of those with social welfare should not see any such distinction in that & ashamed against such behavior when they have Sint Client / about through the years & moreover they should dare to put the sjólstęšing like me in such apartment was uninhabitable after the last tenant, including right after I moved into two individuals came to me & toxic for silverfish. You can just put together 1 + 1/2 + 2 with a sequel!!!
But as I said & just now, it appears that a person has no time to properly model this as the rule of law & society & we live this day. If we lose everything before us in any way & manner that we have no choice model to charge it back we should damage rightly fully ...
"And then a while ago wrote this land, to confirm the Charter of the United Nations Convention relating to the rights of persons with disabilities"
But what we are witnessing here in all respects?
Yes, of course, this single group of human rights trampled like that we as individuals are not strong enough as a whole, let alone the individuals still maintain good relations with its closest etc. etc..
The most worst thing in this whole thing together overall assessment is that when a person is kindly asked / n not to go with these things further, however, with the same all close aware of this, this is just silenced silence and quietly.
 Medical certificate
Reykjavik 24.11.2009
Medical certificates:
Oskar Orn Adolfsson
Hereby certify that I saw Oskar Orn first in relation to his hospitalization at Children's Hospital in April 1985. Then Oskar just over 5 years, but he had food with symptoms suggestive of shock on the left hemisphere in the womb. Research, including imaging of his head, confirms this. Most likely, it was believed that the attack had caused by embolism, possibly from the placenta which had blocked blood flow to the left crossed and cause damage to the left eye and visual impair ment, growth failure in the left half of the face and spasmodic symptoms in the right side of the body. Oscar has lived with this disability later. He has had epilepsy problems, due to this same crisis.
This is certified that requests Oscar.
Peter Lśdvķgsson neurologists children.
My history in further proceedings and how my youth was in detail Ford frequent!
Posted 2 months ago
01:02:07 House Purse seiner
Reason given: Appeared in epilepsy.
Hypoxia at birth paralysis on the right. Umbilical cord wrapped around his neck. Remain in control with Peter Lśdvigssyni. A few months after birth episodes with seizures, was set Orfiril, Tegratol Stesolid and, most recently Orfiril and Tegratol until 10-12 years of age. Then Sabril and is still at it, now take 500 mg 3 * 2 Trileptal parallel to the seponerad due to interactions with antihistamines. Keppra is 3 * 2 the most but then gets headaches, fatigue and insomnia, now takes 2 * 2 but trends in hand with prayer. Last fling 27/12/06. Has discussed with the person who takes Lamictal and want to test it medicine.
Cervical hemiparesa right, actually also in the left cervical ganglia. Reflex also missing.
Order vids vids optical measurement of taking Sabril, final decisions take Dana's continued drug treatment.
Observed cuts ding on sight because Vidi Sabril treatment and call the office I wish to negotiations because of this.
Appeared in the living room. Is comfortable with starting Lamictal and now stops at Sabril that has caused visual vids cut is allowed. Starting now pursuant. Scheme. Coming back in early June when a reference to the start rung down Sabril and again in early July, when a reference to the start rung down Keppra but aims to monotherapiu Lamictal 200 mg daily to begin with, may need higher doses.
18:04:07 Call
Communicates. Missing sjśkradagpeningavottord to the employer.
05:06:07 House Purse seiner
Appeared in the living room. Has had an allergic reaction to Lamictal, starting hence Zonegran, raise it up to 500 mg. and then starts to decrease Sabril. Coming in early July.
08:06:07 House Purse seiner
A closer consideration I find reason to raise Keppra for 3 * 2 rung down and Sabril. Write a letter to Oscar.
GRS / hžh
03:07:07 House Purse seiner
Appeared in the living room. Has decreased and stopped Lamictal. Is it up to 400 mg. Zonegran daily. We decide now that he starts rung down Sabril by 1 tablet every 2 weeks. Comeback after 1 1/2 months.
Do extension of sickness certificates.
20:09:07 House Purse seiner
Appeared in the living room. Have not had any fits and feels much better than what happened fatigue endurance even a little less. Is physiotherapy and need to get in better shape. Fewer requests for therapists and Recept for drugs. Coming back after 6 months, contact sooner if necessary.
08:10:07 House Purse seiner
Appeared in the living room. Has had a sponsor's taken over one day as to the pros come with approximately Two time intervals and a total of 7 people. Was in the emergency room and got to start with Stesolid but to no avail. He continued an option until he got Ativan.
I find reason to raise Zonegran 500 mg. daily. Takes hence tabl. Zonegran 50 mg. 5 + 0 + 5 Sending wishes may be the need of Ativan treatment if he came into convulsions.
18:10:07 House Purse seiner
Appeared in the living room. Required certifications in connection with a car and motor vehicle operation, also for drugs that he needs to have.
03:01:08 House Purse seiner
Feel good. Have not had any episodes since September. YOU bought a flat in Portugal. Have lost a lot by proper diet. Now take Zonegran 50 mg. 5 + 0 + 5, Keppra 500 mg. 3 + 0 + 3 Able Recept. Contact again before he goes overseas.
Has been examined by Gunnar Sveinbjörnssyni and visual status is unchanged. Have searched the ER today because seizures twice and advised I increase Zonegran 50 mg.
06:02:08 Call
Contact by telephone, missing certificate to be able to show employers about their disease.
08:05:08 House Purse seiner
Has had a very good lately. Started to work in net. Have lost themselves a lot and feel good. Got however after conflict adkenningu ad syncope and is therefore the tests with his mother. Order blood test and simultaneous concentration of levetiracetam. Relationship with abnormal results.
26/05/08 Call
Communicates. All blood tests are good. For purposes of changes I think best to wait with this until he comes to me in the living room.
16:09:08 House Purse seiner
Appeared in the living room. Had Seizure 04:08. but had very last episode 30.09. Missing certificates for pensions. Also asks you to contact vid f.v. officer in connection with a recommendation, but he no longer works in Nóatśni but works in kiosks and would like to get a better job. Had to cancel due to illness when we were replacing drugs.
07:10:08 House Purse seiner
Appeared in the living room. Has been free of seizures but goes very badly socially. Living in a small apartment without sanitation where social services have not attended to the leak in the bathroom. This is very unfortunate since Oscar has not recovered fully after the rash of Lamictal. Has your doctor had received fertilizer to carry this with cortical zone target but little or nothing. Write a letter to social services.
15:10:08 Call
Communicates. Can not attend an interview with a doctor at Pension Fund of Commerce, sent a letter.
19:01:09 House Purse seiner
Is transferred from Spain, lives with his mother and sister do not have anything in the house to protect, can not imagine to live with their parents because of previous problems and their intolerance towards smoking, the smoke in the home. The previous data shows that there has been a history of child abuse in previous years and, according to Oskar is still a risk of such though his father had reduced drinking. Also says that his father had a similar behavior to younger brothers Oscar. His mother does not want to discuss these problems. Very important to obtain given its own premises as soon as possible. Why Oscar has come back is that I understand that he has not found a job since it failed to gain a medmęlabréf from their employer in Iceland.
Medical certificate
Heal Center
Oskar Orn Adolfsson
7741980 0403805589
Sléttahraun 15, 220 Hafnarfjördur
Order is concerned:
Oscar has been in the control and treatment of epilepsy due to me from 1.2.2007.
He is due to serious adverse drug seizures had to replace the lift and
he has all the time I've followed him had significantly impaired
work capacity of these causes. In the beginning was severe visual vids cuts ding of
induced epileptic drug which was later canceled, but it increased benefits to remember and had
try a few brands before drug control was obtained at least. Also
significant psychological side effects of medication he has been on this
period in the form of major depression. It has now been free of seizures for over a year
and feel much better and it is important that he is given the opportunity to build up.
Observe Ingar fill
1245 Gudrun Rose Twilight cerebrospinal
most nerve healing
Heal Center, Žönglabakka 1 and 6, 109, Reykjavik, 5357700
I'm versatile, ambitious & without borders. I'm emotional & the light / easy to customize me the different environments. I can convert myself depending on circumstances & what is happening around me, ie If I happen to have. I am flexible, broad-minded & unpredictable.
My will vary. If I am interested in presenting my particular case, I am able to be 'soft' & easy to use interface. Yet when I'm not interested or have bitten a certain attitude in me I can be pretty stiff or simply neglected & remote. Processes action mine is also uneven. Sometimes I spoke directly against a looming issue. Sometimes I suddenly change direction & 'sin' in the opposite direction. I take it in various ways on issues & of accomplishment to others around me find it hard to figure me out.
I have a strong imagination & a big focus. I can easily put myself in the shoes of others but because of the vivid imagination I also live in their own world & give it no attention to what is happening around me. I am of all men most sensitive & most sensitive when I want to have but also to be remote, cool & beyond me.
The strong imagination means I am listhneigšur & are capable of creative fields. Where I directs creativity is another matter related & my personality as a whole. I am a versatile & have to deal with diverse tasks. That means if a little is to be then I will be bored. If my environment & activities not arouse my interest I make myself disappear. If I can not go physically, if I'm stuck in a particular environment or because of certain circumstances, to let me fade into the, into the world of imagination.
If activities & hobbies will turn too many will focus my blurry & I'm not at work I wanted. Entropy comes at things & I lose control.
I am a creative & sensitive in nature. I am without borders & take part in on me. This means that two terrible & negative environment reduces my energy. It is important that I paella considerably in any environment & activities adversely affect me & what a positive impact.
I'm versatile, ambitious & broad-minded. I need to prioritize my projects. The first step is to consider how many projects I can handle successfully, simultaneously consider what matters & what not. That said, have a clear focus.
To renew my energy, orient & maintain my focus consistently clear is good for me to pull myself occasionally pause or change of environment.
I am introspective, variable & down to earth when the work is concerned. It means, first, that I'm careful, secondly industrious & has a need for physical activity in relation to my work & thirdly, that I threw most dealing with practical projects that deliver tangible results.
I have a strong need for perfection & is especially good at dealing with nįkvęmisverk & jobs that require corrective action or fix & improve things.
Passwords in touch with my athafnaorku the service. That means I'll get best results for myself by serving the needs of others. Best wear when I'm Helpful & humble & take into account other.
To them is concerned:
Oskar Orn Adolfsson worked in our store, Nóatśn Reykjavķkurvegur 50
Hafnarfj`Irdi, between November 2002 and January 2007. During these four years
wish this various functions within the store and is ideally include įyllingar,
orders of dairy products, filling and finishing of dry products, the configuration and
cleaning and general customer service.
It gave me pleasure to announce that Oscar performing their duties of
diligence, he worked to carry out the tasks for him were
submitted, he was punctual and enthusiastic.
Handing the one Oskar lives, he was not the obstacle as I had expected
in the beginning and I came quickly realized that he could undertake margvķsileg
task. Though he lost a little bit of work for her, just as he had
discussed is joining.
Oscar was part of the group, sociable and sincere.
Observe Ingar filled,
Jon Hannes Stefansson
For the Kaupįs hf.
Author Pages and Blogs:

Now let, hurt though to steel "and let the" hard meet rigid "against the State, Ministry of Justice and the legislature chose, according to the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities ...

Now let, hurt though to steel "and let the" hard meet rigid "against the State, Ministry of Justice and the legislature chose, according to the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities will be permanently re-translated and incorporated into Parliament:

So now dear Icelanders, almost as far as counting have been badly broken down, please come together as a team instead of as one group and breakdown work together collectively on a financial mean to claim for each and every one of our community ...

Let them not by our hand dropping a responsibility of their actions.

Always put human rights, integrity and equality in the first place!

Why and why I hand this now in print, but not long before? Due to circumstances my friend a friend who cares about!

Part and part of the main part of the reason I decided to unwind past memory that I'm not happy or proud of is the following:

A friend, best friend "my uppvaxtarvinar such as classmates, I have been launching definitely very serous matter relating to sexual abuse of syndromes impaired people.

The only thing I can imbued matter is that this issue is still in full consideration and running, so I express myself the least about it more here more for the time being!

Why and / or why blogs that basis, those of us who think there blogs?! The reason being that:

,,Part of this social society overall not the misery and restlessness to deal with, for example, due to unemployment and even of lost work in the community"

"Part of ourselves envy and even find a certain resentment towards those who seem to achieve increasingly high social status ladder farther than many others,,

"The part of society that is often defined as a minority now be forwarded as closer in recent times, and time will be more prominent issue converter, bįgrar because of its position as the former and current authorities have until now hardly let a few of the issues change, no matter what the given time for the Party"

Speculation and mind strip bloggers:

How many single people in this community who have society in one way or injured mentally or physically and landed outside the community, including, social system, certain specific relative% figure that even has struggled to adapt to society, because of ignorance and education, the legal status of these individuals is existent, the government and the administration as a whole as well as interest groups that are clearly not strong and powerful or energetic exterior work to direct their efforts and pressure against authority, but always say yes and amen to the content. 

 But no, the public knows, there are those individuals your children, grandchildren, cousins, parents and grandparents. But because the community is poorly informed and educated then this group has been set up in a corner, it said that there have been no funds, so that these individuals can we sustain the health and lives. 

So even that these individuals are more difficult to discriminate between the whereabouts of sexual orientation, and sexual behavior kynįtta each around adolescent and teenage years, even after the rótleysis and problems inside and outside of each family. If, for example, high consumption is in effect, and parents and guardians of their little or no relevant patient each case individually, but expect the child and will be just as natural with time. 

This can lead to the child parent even consider serous part even with his poor elementary and high school. 

The individual will even come to be very difficult to extent assistance in the form of open herself / n respectively, of the risk of being excluded from the / n face value / s, which can be a very heavy burden to bear! 

Those of you who have something to say about this, is please to provide free weights weighing scale.

Nś veršur lįtiš ,,sverfa til stįls" auk žess lįtiš "hart męta höršu" gagnvart Rķkis-, Dóms- og Löggjafavaldinu, eftir aš samningur SŽ um réttindi fatlašs fólks veršur endanlega enduržżddur og lögfestur į Alžingi:

Svo nśna kęru Ķslendingar, nęr sem fjęr sem telja hafa veriš illa į sér brotiš, vinsamlegast komiš saman sem ein lišsheild ķ staš sem einn sundurlišašur hópur og stöndum saman sameiginlega aš fjįrhagslegri meinabótakröfu til handa sérhverjum einum og hverjum okkar ķ samfélaginu...

Lįtum žį ekki af hendi okkar sleppa meš įbyrgš gjörša sinna.

 Setjum įvallt mannréttindi, heišarleika og jöfnuš ķ fyrsta sęti! 

Žaš hafa gengiš alvarlegar įsakanir į vķxl um aš ég standi ekki fyrir minni mįlefnalegu verkefnavinnu ķ gegnum veraldarvefinn...

Jį, ķ sannleika sagt hefur žessi einstaklingur haft slķk samskipti uppi viš mig af fyrra bragši og jafnframt óskaši sį hinn sami eftir aš verša vinur minn ķ gegnum fb, en ég block.aši hann fljótlega eftir aš ég sį śt ķ hvaš stefndi, žvķ oft er žaš žannig aš fólk vs almenningur nennir ekki aš hafa fyrir hlutunum aš kynna sér stašreyndir lyktanna mįla, žess ķ staš hreytir auk hendir žaš hinum żmsu ónżtjungum ķ hina og žessa įn žess aš gera sér fullkomnlega grein fyrir afleišingunum...

Hér aš nešan eftirlęt ég auk birti oršrétt samskipti mķn og žessa einstaklings:


  • Conversation started May 27
  • 9:44am
    Gudmundur Kristinn

    komdu sęll hvernig er tad a Islandi sport mann retindi ryrir utvalda eingongu hvad med tad sem ad gerdist fyrir Heiddisi Yr er hun ekki nogu fin fyrir til ad fa ad njota manrettinda eda hvad tetta gerdist i tinu landi a tini vakt og ef tid gerid ekert nuna ta attu ekert med ad titla tig mannretinda baratumann alt sem sagt er um hana i skyrslum barnaverndar er lygi ofan a lygi flestar audsanadar lygar eg bara spyr hvad er ad gerast a Islandi eg meina stulkan er med vinnu leigir fina ibud a bil fikni efna prof tvisvar i vikku hefur ekki tekid feilspor i einhver ar og barnavernd męttir upp a fędingar deild med logreglu og rifur nyfędd barnid ut hondunum a modir sinni hallo hvada vidbjodur er i gangi a Islandi ętlidi ad loka augunum fyrir tessu



    Gudmundur Kristinn

    tu hefur eingan ahuga a manretindum og bara tad ad skulir gefa ti9g utt fyrir tetta hehe tu ert bara hlęgilegt fiffl



    Human Rights Justice Minded

    Veistu, ég ętla ekki aš eyša ómęldum oršum ķ svona einstaklinga į borš viš žig og ętla žess vegna žar sem žś ert einn af žessum mannskemmandi einstaklingum aš block.a žig hérna į facebook sķšunni, žvķ ég hef ekkert meš svona asna aš gera ķ kringum mig ...

    Og mešal annars: Sömuleišis 


"HELP" - "Cry from the other side, - What we have a government if it does not take account of the progress and development given conditions?

Honestly it is a lot underneath I'm far from being satisfied, let alone be satisfied with where we men are are what usually counted and sakbendir the perpetrators of various sexual samneitum plus acts, but rarely is the female balance out The documents and recognizes accusation because of how we have managed to develop this community a twisted way and manner.

When I reach the eyes and ears of the reader here with this?!

The main reason that I write and write this here now but not long before the primary that delayed diagnosis which I learned by myself which is consistent ...

All administration, social welfare and uterine part of the episode has failed completely, including Housing and most importantly through and the involvement of real estate agent in each office for, respectively, although the one particular certain is here to discuss the parents and guardian my men have denied me the way I am is facing less medical history and condition, it they just wanted no. 1, 2 and 3 were just the best and most advanced thinking and thus usually the most sane person even erectile alcohol, because both my parents and guardians are alkali ...

The case is also such that within each of socialism and political movements for certain types of animals that folder simply allowed all hell, no matter who and how brotalömin is high then keep these Bureaucrats always their role or entering the area between stations.

Enables this something with you on the bulb?

At least this has been so in my case, and I've sat on the back burner and got nowhere remedy less mean, only where Bureaucrats then former minister and more. as well as other ad hoc staff Real Estate Office Fund and had me fool enough because I got the most conflict with my father because of lack of understanding, etc. From the analysis less for homework, domestic violence, witnesses of domestic violence as well as psychological and physical bullying in school and more.

But it does no character or essence to such person like me should live with and deal with post-traumatic stress as a result of a general survey of this and what is so smooth on the whole not care about how I (he) passes within the chest?!

So in other words:

I have come to the place in life to be back to square one in the gutter, just waiting for free space there as elsewhere!

It's been a persistent stable unsafe situation for me since August 2003 and has not really changed or improved since this rótlausa and I am ashamed not to call this administration rótlausa, because I have repeatedly come onto these issues that individuals from my ranks that can, in one way with or without the involvement of her family put aside for the future of life if such encounter to seek assistance from felons and they find that the person concerned is a car or something else comparable plus accumulated savings is all pulled ahead of them, yes, the entire support system to be called maintenance and additional savings are all swept away because of this dumb administrative rules they expect him late at last to challenge and change society towards this group! ...

Now in recent times and hours, the situation with the following symptoms in anticipation of my brain damage at birth ...


Forget names and what has been decided.



Disease insight and reality relations:

Overestimated its capabilities.

Disparage their problems or blame others or others. (I readily admit that I did more in his younger years but have more go in advising others, but I must say, however, better fewer words because they carry less responsibility, because I'm such a soup seišiš of the harvest now to those friends I have though most care about got to live and rent deposit with, because I blamed for his character, the way she is and was created, no matter whether it is hot tempered or not, but I could endlessly žvęlst out of these conversations, but I am not going to do it here, but he has discarded me out on the street, despite the fact that I was so good and subprime identically using vehicle power mine to buy a car for a year because he needed a car at the time and could not been without a car and then being rewarded me so easy out of love specifically on the grounds that I'm destroy.a for ladies / a I had indirect involvement in the dreams he found the girl of his dreams for the future of their relationship both)

Perspective, planning and initiatives:

Hard to plan your day and keep track of what you have decide.

Hard to start work and initiative. (It is sometimes)

Fatigue and lack of endurance:

All projects take longer than before.

Has not the stamina to complete projects.

Behavior and Emotions:

Cries and laughs without intending it. (I'd often that breaks into tears because of all that I've gone through and suffered but unfortunately I just can not because of my position, deep down, I want euthanasia to be implemented so that I can speed up the less movement now because I was upbraided the main reason for śtburši but is not, because the beloved "best" my friend has had a tenant of his apartment due to certain circumstances where the town and I geld for it, so act krosstré the other tree ")

Become irritable, gives up quickly or becomes depressed.

Lacking confidence and self-esteem. (Why do you think it is? Answers are provided below and through my other writing here match)

Other symptoms:

Paralysis of the muscles can cause instance diplopia, lameness or impaired finger dexterity.


Sleep disturbance.

Mental and physical endurance solvent.

The reason that I write and write this down here is how the silent has been great in my case no matter where I look so then I decided to knit wrapping in the history of this buildup.

The most worst thing in this whole thing together overall assessment is that when a person is kindly asked / n not to go with these things further, however, with the same all close aware of this, this is just silenced silence and quietly.

Thus, the issue is that often in most cases, reports of abuse syndromes person, same with any analysis to refer to from time to time, be allowed to drop for lack of evidence and proof burdens, let alone when these individuals are not included credible and severe in private dealings with his fellow citizens, and it is this man that much unfortunately come.

In my case this was following and I stress that this narrative secretaries down here now for the first time 2 decades and over 3rjś years.

Just so you know that I do not come onto this square point of my life that caused or contributed to my life umturnašist in one moment, what relates to sexuality, kynįttu kynįttuvanda and more.

This has always served me as an obstacle and burden to bear since I've seen both of liken similar articles through certain specific websites and newspaper articles, and rapid increase in suicides.

But not for enacting euthanasia instead of standing in tight to publish and notify to the print and broadcast media about the increased incidence of suicide, asks the author?!

It lacks pretty much offer with administration here on this blessed our country, Iceland, to make a decent distinction at the time period in which these persons, either around my age, sooner or later, only came into the world, then, for example, no Internet yet or intermittent very scarce, as well as all GR and became parents and guardians to obtain a municipal libraries, right and proper for me?

There might be times that these government employees thought 2013 would have been for over three decades, etc.. years but not in 1980 is taken into account, there are any "own computers or other similar electronic devices, or can get from point A - B after having been able to send mail from your personal computer or from the public sector, for example from municipal library .
What is their really good with this, they expand and harden public participation MPs and ministers with this?

But in connection with this over a 2 decades and suppressed memories associated with them:

How would you, the general public react if I told you that dark ugly secret that I have stayed lying all this time the age old fully recovered sane aunt my mother's side had abused me, a person with symptoms of brain damage due to anticipation of stroke and insufficient oxygen supply to the brain, sexually when we were 10-12 years old and she had full consciousness and codependence for what she had been doing to me?!

During my visit at the time she deceived me down in the basement and this began with some games struck and so she asked me to follow up upto room etc..

I can go on and on with these descriptions around these visits my mother and my younger siblings, but I just heal not so today.

The second incident was when a person that I met around my primary school. He was four years younger than me and invited me several times to his home into his room and he always gave a different reason than the fact remained and later came to light during the day in recent times and the time that he was ready to start a family and come a girlfriend, etc..

Do you find this normal development?!

References to links related to overall assessment center:

Af hverju og hvers vegna hendi ég žessu nśna į prent en ekki löngu fyrr? Vegna ašstęšna vin vinar sem mér er ekki sama um!

Partur auk hluti af žeirri megin hluta įstęšu aš ég įkvaš aš vinda ofan af fortķš minni sem ég er ekki įnęgšur né stoltur af sé eftirfarandi:

Vinur ,,besta vinar" mķns, s.s. uppvaxtarvinar og skólafélaga žess hef ég veriš aš żta śr vör įkvešiš mjög grafalvarlegt mįl sem snżr aš kynferšislegri misnotkun į misžroskaskertum einstaklingi.

Žaš eina sem ég get ljįš mįls į er aš žetta mįl er enn ķ fullri athugun og gangi, svo ég tjįi mig sem minnst um žaš nįnar hér meir aš svo stöddu! 

Af hverju og / eša hvers vegna bloggum viš aš stašaldri, žau okkar sem höldum śti bloggsķšum?! Er įstęšan sś aš:

,,hluti žessa samfélagslega žjóšfélagsheildar eigi viš eymdar- og eiršarleysi aš glķma viš, t.d., vegna atvinnuleysis og jafnvel tapašrar vinnu śti ķ samfélaginu"

"hluti af okkur sjįlfum öfundar og finnur jafnvel fyrir įkvešinni gremju ķ garš žeirra sem viršast nį ę lengra ķ metoršastiganum en margur annar,,

"sį hluti samfélagsins sem sé oft skilgreindur sem minnihlutahópur skuli nś sem endra nęr ķ seinni tķš og tķma lįta mun meira til sķn kveša ķ kśtinn, vegna bįgrar stöšu sinnar sem žį žįverandi og nśverandi yfirvöld hafa fram til žessa lįtiš sér lķtiš sem fįtt um mįlin skipta, sama hvaš į viš hverju sinni fyrir um sig" 

Ašgeršapakki Rķkisstjórnar Ķslands: - "Žingmašur og svariš er jį", ,,žingmašur og svariš er nei!"

Fyrirspurnir til žingmanns x - B:


Fyrri fyrirspurn: 

Sęll žingmašur. Segšu mér eitt : Eru žiš bśnir aš draga til baka öll fyrirfram heit gefin kosningaloforš um aš endurgreiša einstaklingum śr mķnum röšum bakfęrslur vegna frystingu tekjutenginga bóta, vegna slęmrar stöšu Rķkissjóšs ?!


Seinni fyrirspurn:


Jį / Nei ? Og er žetta frumvarp žį nokkuš ķ snķšum innį žingi ķ nefndum žingsins og varla er stefnt aš žvķ aš ganga frį greišslu til žessara einstaklinga ķ byrjun n.k. mįn. ? Eša hvaš? Eša er žetta bara enn eitt yfirvarpiš ? En ekki lįi ég žér žaš, žar sem žś ert tiltölulega nżr og ferskur innį žingi!


Svör žingmanns x - B viš fyrirspurnum mķnum: 


Žaš er veriš aš gera fólki grein fyrir stöšu mįla. Aš hśn sé verri heldur en fyrri rķkisstjórn hafil lżst og įętlanir um jöfnuš ķ rķkissjóši voru óraunhęfar, reyndar eins og Sigmundur og hans fólk benti į fyrir gerš frjįrlaga.
En žaš er ekki veriš aš draga ķ land meš neitt.

Taka veršur lķka tillit til aš žetta er sumaržing og er veriš aš fįst viš mįlefni sem žörfnušust lķtils undirbśnings og eru tiltölulega góš samstaša um. 143. žing hefst svo ķ haust, žį veršum viš tilbśin meš alvuru pakka.

En ég višurkenni žaš aš ég ręš ekki miklu žarna inni, sérstaklega ekki į sumaržinginu. En svo geta komiš upp vandamįl af žvķ viš erum ekki einir ķ stjórn.

kv. Halli 


Fyrirfram heit gefin kosningaloforš B.B. rįšherra fjįrmįla & S.D.G. rįšherra forsętis. Geta rįšherrar auk žingmanna sem séu undanžegnir skatti og bśa viš skattfrelsi ekki séš hag sinn og sóma og greitt 10% - 25% ķ skatt af launum sķnum? Ég bara spyr!

Ég er nefnilega svo hissa į žessari stefnumörkun žeirra nśna ķ Žjóšmenningahśsinu fyrr ķ gęrdag.

Hvernig ętli žessu verši svo til hįttaš og stakkurinn snišinn žegar kemur aš endur bakfęrslu örorku- og lķfeyrisgreišslna žessa tilteknu įkvešnu hópa samfélagsins er snżr aš tekjuskattstofn hlutfalls % , hver ętli hśn verši ef žeir ętli sér aš hękka hana frį nśverandi stöšu?

Žaš sem ég į viš meš žessu varšandi örorku- og lķfeyrisgreišslurnar ķ kringum fyrirįętlanir um skattahękkanir er sś:

aš ég er ekki eingöngu aš vķsa ķ žessa tekjuskattshękkun į hina żmsu stofna samfélagsins heldur lķka vįgest og skašvald allra tķma aš mķnu mati, viršisaukaskattinn, sem viršist ętla aš fęra śr hófi fram og fella svo śr gildi nišur skatt žeirra rķku rķkari, aušlegšaskattinn svonefnda, en svona vinna hęgri menn vķst og segjast vilja og / eša ętla sér aš bęta hag žeirra sem verst standa, sama um hverja sé įtt viš, sjśklinga, einstęša foreldra meš börn į framfęri eša jafnvel atvinnulaust fólk, en hvaš erum viš aš verša uppvķs af, allavega veit ég nóg til žess aš ekki žarf meira en svo til aš sannfęra mig um aš žetta falli allt um sjįlft sig žegar ķ haršbakkann slęr hjį žeim..., 

aš žį er mun meiri hętta į žvķ aš žessir einstaklingar fįi / beri lķtiš sem ekkert śr bķtum žegar bśiš er aš taka af žeim skatt, žvķ ef ég hef rétt fyrir mér žį gęti fariš svo aš helmingur af žvķ sem aš žessi hópur į aš fį bakfęrslu yrši frįdrįttabęr til stašgreišslu skattar, en žvķ er ég įsamt öšrum mjög ósįttur meš, en ef žaš vęri frekar žrišjungur žį liti dęmiš allt öšru vķsi viš, en mišaš viš hvernig B.B. & S.D.G. tölušu ķ Žjóšmenningahśsinu žį er ég ekki bjartsżnn į framvindu framhalds mįla... 

Finnst ykkur žetta bošlegt auk įsęttanlegs įstands sem bošiš sé uppį į mešan žessir flokkar ętlast til aš koma af staš meš töfralausnir og hrinda žeim jafnvel af staš ķ framkvęmd į haust- og vetrarmįnušum, en vegna žess hve žeir voru uppteknir af eigin loforšum og efndum frį handakrika upp inn aš ermi, žį gleymdu žeir aš hlusta į sambręšur og samsystur sķnar innķ žinginu um hve alvarleg stašan vęri og neitušu žvķ allt fram til fundurinn var haldinn ķ Žjóšmenningahśsinu.  

"Fall sé fallvöl fręgš,,

Žaš eru nefnilega żmsar įleitnar mikilvęgar spurningar sem munu koma til meš aš brenna į vörum almennings ķ framhaldinu vegna žessa alls eftir fundinn ķ Žjóšmenningahśsinu.

Allar žessar fyrirfram gefnu yfirlżsingar śt og sušur, į hvippinn og hvappinn mį ķ raun segja aš gętu oršiš žessum tveimur Rķkisstjórnarflokkum ansi dżrkeyptur biti hvort fyrir um sig aš melta sem og aš kyngja.

 "Tekiš of stórt upp ķ sig!" 


"Brain damage", the mute, and still let complacent disease, I wish no living healthy person having walk through with: Why?!

Yes, dear countrymen and bloggers, almost as far. What I think what one of the most down to is how often it may and may not include the various basic necessities part of the community, is facing this particular disease called us today forwarded closer, no matter of what kind it is ...

What's really become of us?

 Have we clearly so badly limited interest to educate ourselves as well as to add to our other various intelligence medical science?

 I can just tell you in print and ashamed about that, that I have a brain injury caused by stroke at birth and more.

I have right here at the blog memory much more about all the anticipation is facing my illness in childhood as well as many other things, but due to various problems I've gone through because of my diagnosis and disease, then I have not been there in his arms to tailor such a position by growth refining and finish this to the end, but it's just like that, but I will not go further there describe memory mental state because then you would become just now learned to run up to the LORD and make fun of all this together ...

But on the other hand, I can say that on the one hand and state that I am ashamed often and many times when other associates, no matter who they are trying to do a little of everything around me, words, actions and my actions, just because / because I and / look out for to be 100% well as many of the other and I feel terribly, really, ugly and abominable wickedness and just shows the inner personality of any person as a result.

But I know full well that this my writings as a result I will be very critical / n, etc., but in my view and the view it provides them only on the positive flow.

There are many things you need to keep in mind and when it comes to overall presentation package of brain injury:

It is, for example, that an individual can receive harming both ways, say so in and around childbirth itself or so on the road with physical contrary, if a person becomes so unfortunate identical to accident victims on the Road / will be selected by an accident o. the like

Regarding Prejudice:

There are many theories and earnest had been in the air that only older people, grandparents receive this occurrence of symptoms, but this thought as well as changes in stereotyping must occur soon, because this is also within range of our children, grandchildren, cousins, sibling and parents.

 So dear Icelanders go to waking up were of alarms, stop this unnecessary jealousy and self-interest žönkum and begin to deliver greater mutual confidence, trust and full respect to those who are even not quite fully capable of expressing themselves in words and pictures!


Details for the informative individuals cravings!

 Then here's the home page as follows:


an information about brain injury and its symptoms:

"Heilaskaši", hinn fįmęlti, kyrrlįti og andvaralausi sjśkdómur, sem ég óska engum lifandi heilbrigšum einstaklingi aš žurfa ganga ķ gegnum meš: Af hverju?!

Jį, kęru landsmenn sem og bloggarar, nęr sem fjęr. Žaš sem mig žykir hvaš einna mest nišur fyrir er hve oft į tķšum žaš megi og megi ekki nefna hina żmsu brżnu naušsynjahluti samfélagsins, er snżr aš žessu tiltekna svokallaša meini okkar ķ dag sem endra nęr, sama af hvaša toga žaš sé...

Hvaš er ķ raun oršiš af okkur?

 Höfum viš greinilega svona illa takmarkašan įhuga į aš mennta okkur auk žess aš bęta viš okkur hinni żmsu upplżsingaöflun lęknavķsindanna?  

 Ég get alveg sagt ykkur žaš hér į prenti og skammast mķn ekkert fyrir žaš, aš ég sé meš heilaskaša af völdum heilablóšfalls ķ fęšingu o.m.fl.

Ég er meš hérna innar į bloggsķšu minni mun nįnar um allan žann ašdraganda er snżr aš veikindum mķnum ķ bernsku auk margs annars en vegna żmissa kvilla sem ég hef įtt viš aš etja vegna minnar greiningar og sjśkdóms, žį hefur mér ekki fengist žaš ķ fang aš snķša slķkan stakk eftir vexti aš fķnpśssa og klįra žetta til enda, en žaš er bara svona, en ég ętla ekkert aš fara nįnar śtķ aš lżsa minni andlegri lķšan žvķ žį yršuš žiš nś bara vķs til aš hlaupa upp til handa og gera gys af öllu žessu saman... 

En hins vegar get ég annars vegar sagt žaš og fullyrt aš ég skammast mķn oft og mörgum sinnum žegar ašrir samborgarar, sama hverjir žeir séu reyna aš gera lķtiš śr öllu ķ kringum mig, oršum, verkum og gjöršum mķnum, bara af žvķ / vegna žess aš ég er og / lķt ekki śt fyrir aš vera 100% heilbrigšur lķkt og margur hver annar og žaš finnst mér óskaplega, rosalega, višbjóšslega ljótt og sżnir bara mannvonskuna auk innri persónuleika sérhvers einstaklings fyrir vikiš.

En ég veit žaš mętavel aš meš žessum skrifum mķnum ķ framhaldinu mun ég verša mjög gagnrżnin/n o.ž.h., en aš mķnum dómi og mati veitir žaš žį bara į hiš jįkvęša streymi. 

Žaš er żmislegt sem žiš žurfiš aš hafa ķ huga er og žegar kemur aš heildarframsetningapakkanum į heilaskaša:

žaš er t.d., aš einstaklingur getur hlotiš skašan į bįša vegu, segjum sem svo ķ og kringum fęšinguna sjįlfa eša svo į hinn veginn meš lķkamlegu móti, ef aš einstaklingurinn veršur svo ólįnsamur aš verša fyrir slysi į vegum śti / verša valdur af slysi o.ž.h.

Varšandi fordómana:

Žaš hafa margar kenningar auk blikna veriš hafšar į lofti aš ašeins eldra fólk, ömmur og afar fįi žetta tilvik einkenna, en žessa hugsun auk breyttrar stašalķmynda verša aš eiga sér staš hiš fyrsta, žvķ žetta er lķka innan um börnin okkar, barnabörnin, fręndsystkin, systkyn auk foreldra.

 Svo kęru Ķslendingar, fariš aš vakna upp af vęrum blundi, hęttiš žessari óžarfa öfundsżki og eiginhagsmunažönkum og fariš aš bera mun meiri gagnkvęmri trś, trausti auk fullrar viršingar til žeirra sem séu jafnvel ekki alveg fullfęrir aš tjį sig ķ mįli og myndum!   


Nįnar fyrir žį fróšleiksfżsnu!

 Žį er heimasķša félagsins hérna eftirfarandi: 


upplżsingabęklingur um heilaskaša og einkenni žess: 

Vangaveltur og hugarenningar bloggarans:

Hve margir einstakir einstaklingar ķ žessu samfélagslegu žjóšfélagi sem hafa meš einhverju móti slasast andlega eša lķkamlega og lent utan samfélagsins, ž.a.m., félagslega kerfisins, eru įkvešin tiltekin hlutfallsleg % tala sem jafnvel hefur įtt erfitt meš aš ašlagast žjóšfélaginu, vegna fįfręšis auk menntunnar, réttastaša žessa einstaklinga sé engin, stjórnvöld og stjórnsżslan ķ heild sinni auk hagsmunasamtaka sem séu greinilega ekki žaš sterk og öflug né ötul ķ ytra starfi sķnu meš aš beina kröftum sķnum auk žrżstingi gagnvart stjórnvaldinu, heldur įvallt aš segja jį og amen fyrir efninu.

 En nei, viti almenningur, žarna eru žessir einstaklingar börn ykkar, barnabörn, fręndsystkini, foreldrar auk ömmu og afa. En vegna žess hve samfélagiš er illa upplżst og menntaš žį hefur žessum hópi veriš stillt upp ķ horn, žvķ sagt aš žaš hafa engir fjįrmunir veriš til, til žess aš žessir einstaklingar geti viš haldiš heilsu og lķfi sķnu.

Svo er jafnvel um aš žessir einstaklingar eigi mun erfišara meš aš gera upp į milli meš hvar kynhneigš, kynįtta og kynhegšun hvers og eins ķ kringum unglings og tįningsįrin, jafnvel sķšar vegna rótleysis og vandamįla innan sem utan hverrar fjölskylda. Ef t.d., mikil neysla sé viš lżši og foreldrar og forrįšamenn sinna lķtiš sem ekkert viškomandi sjśklingi hverju sinni fyrir sig, heldur ętlast til žess aš barniš sé og verši bara sem ešlilegast meš tķš og tķma.

Žetta getur leitt af sér til žess aš viškomandi barn foreldris jafnvel ķhugi grafalvarlega hluti jafnvel samhliša sinni slęmu grunn- og framhaldsskólagöngu.

Viškomandi einstaklingur mun jafnvel koma til meš aš eiga mjög erfitt meš aš leyta sér ašstošar ķ žvķ formi aš opna sjįlfa/n sig, af hęttu viš aš verša ekki tekin/n trśanleg/ur, sem getur veriš mjög žung byrši aš bera!

Žau ykkar sem hafa eitthvaš um žetta aš segja, er vinsamlegast frjįlst aš leggja lóš į vogaskįlarnar. 

"Efndir & loforš - Svik og lygar frambjóšandanna auk frambošsaflanna ķ komandi kosningum 2013:"

Hvaš ętla nśverandi frambjóšendur, sem hafa veriš meš allt nišur um sig aš gera ķ mįlefnum heimilanna ķ landinu?

Hve og hversu lengi ętliš žiš aš halda žvķ statt og stöšugt fram aš žiš séuš aš vinna fyrir fólkiš ķ landinu? 


Ég get nefnt įkvešin tiltekin atriši af dęmi:


Nśna bar svo viš į dögunum aš žaš nįšist loksins ķ gegn eftir 20 įra ströggl og barįttu fyrir ungu kynslóšina aš fį Barnasįttmįla Evrópu samžykktan lögformlega hérna innan Alžingis Ķslendinga.


Ég velti žvķ oft og mörgum sinnum fyrir mér hvort žiš sem eigiš aš teljast vera talsmenn almenningsins ķ landinu meš aš koma hinum żmsu hlutum er snżr aš röš og reglum ķ landinu į hreint, sé ķ raun og veru bara hin mesta fįsinna, žar sem žetta annaš dęmi af fjölmörgu sem ég ętla aš nefna og get nefnt ķ heilum stafla af hrśgum sé bara enn ein undirmįlstįlmin af svo mörgum sem žiš hafiš skotiš svo skökku viš ķ gegnum aldanna rįs og haft ansi góšan tķma til aš koma įkvešinni röš og reglu į en vegna žess žaš sé ekki eitthvaš sem ykkur frambjóšendum flokkanna sjįlfum žóknast hverju tķmabili fyrir sig.


Annaš dęmi:


Er mig minnir rétt fór sérskipuš žingnefnd meš Helga Hjörvar ķ broddi fylkingar śt til New York, til žess aš ganga frį stašfastri undirritun Ķslands er snéri aš samningi SŽ um réttindi fatlašs fólks ķ mars 2006, sem sķšar įtti meš réttu aš lögfesta hérna innan veggja Alžingis Ķslendinga įriš eftir eša 2007. 


Hvaš misfórst ķ öllu žessu ferli?


Hvar lį įgreiningurinn?

Lį og liggur žaš kannski ķ žessu tóma tjóni?: 


Hvaš er žaš ķ samningi SŽ sem veldur žvķ aš ykkur hefur žótt reynst erfitt fyrir aš lögfesta hann hérna innį Alžingi?


Ętliš žiš aš fara eins meš afgreišslu samnings SŽ um réttindi fatlašs fólks vs sjśklinga hérna į Ķslandi lķkt og žiš geršuš gagnvart Barnasįttmįla Evrópu?


Hvaš geta frambjóšendurnir sagt okkur almenningi um lyfjafrumvarpiš svonefnda, sem er svo óskżrt og óljóst aš žaš er meira aš segja ekki aš fullu leyti komiš til framkvęmda, af hverju?


Af hverju er veriš aš rįšast į žį einstaklinga sem séu langveikir ķ žessu nżja frumvarpi, sama hvort žau séu aš taka einn eitt lyf eša fleiri aš stašaldri? 

Žetta er megin nišustaša af afburšastöšu žessa sķmenntaša fagmenntaša starfólks mennastofnanna:

Žau bara lķta į žį einstaklinga sem eru ekki heilir og fullfrķskir sem hindrun į vegi sķnum meš aš koma sinni vinnu eins fljótt, hratt og mögulega ķ gegn į hverjum tķma fyrir sig! 

Er žaš kannski svo žiš getiš rįšskast meira meš skattféš mitt og annarra ķ ykkar žįgu, flogiš śt žegar ykkur hentar ķ óžarfar vinažjóšaheimsóknir, ķ staš žess aš einbeita sér aš laga og bęta stöšu žjóšarbśssins, almenningsins og atvinnulķfsins!

Vel į minnst, svo viš komum nś innį skattinn og skattžrepin žrjś og ykkar įform um hvernig best skuli komiš til móts viš almenninginn ķ žjóšfélaginu… Ég skal koma innį įkvešiš atriši og ferli sem sé svo mikil mannréttindabrot af mķnu mati aš ef ég tęki allt žetta saman auk margs annars sem gengiš hefur į ķ aldanna rįs og sent žaš į beinan e-mail Mannréttindadómstóls Evrópu, žó hvaš til Sambandsžings Sameinušu žjóšanna ķ New York, aš žį fyrst yrši fótur um fit, žį fyrst yrši hemlaš snögglega meš allar višeigandi ašildarumsóknir Ķslands aš sérsambandsklķkum utan sķns heimalands, žį fyrst fengju viš aš finna fyrir žvķ hve og hversu berskjölduš viš yršum frį allt og öllum umheiminum!…


Ekki satt og rétt hjį mér?


3ja dęmiš er eftirfarandi:


Ef viškomandi žiggur annašhvort bara rķkisstyrktar bętur vegna andlegra, félagslegra eša lķkamslegra ašstęšna sinna og / eša vegna sinnar sjśkrasögu, hefur aš einhverju eša öllu leyti einhverja eša enga vinnugetu/fęrni, žar meš ef sį hinn sami hefur einhverja fęrni til vinnu og dettur śt af vinnumarkaši vegna sinna veikinda er žeim sama einstaklingi refsaš fyrir hvorn veginn fyrir um sig aš sękja rétt sinn til lķfeyrisréttinda ofan į greišslurnar frį T.R., žį er viškomandi einstaklingur tvķskattašur…  


Hvernig er einföldun skattžrepakerfisins ķ ykkar augum og huga, hvernig mętti einfalda žaš?


Hver er ykkar skošun aš mörkin ęttu aš vera žegar byrjaš sé aš klippa af öllum višeigandi tekjum og innkomum, sama hvašan gott eša slęmt kemur?


Hver er skošun og įlit ykkar gagnvart aušleigšaskatti og hįtekjuskatti?


Hvaš finnst frambjóšendum flokkanna meš aš almenningi verši gefinn sį frjįlsi valkostur ef žeir įskornast įkvešin xxx summa af upphęš aš leggja žį įkvešnu/m frjįlsu/m félagasamtökum lóš į vogaskįlarnar meš rķflegu, rausnarlegu framlagi, ķ staš žess aš endalaust tilneydd/ur til žess aš gefa žetta upp meš žvķ aš fylla śt upp ķ įkvešin/n reit į skattaframtalinu įr hvert!   


Žaš er lķtiš mįl. sem leikur einn į taflborši aš refsa ykkur fyrir slęm unnin verk, meš žvķ aš skipta ykkur śt ķ komandi kosningum, hvort sem fólkiš kżs ykkar flokka og žį śtstrikar nöfn viškomandi einstaklinga sem hafa stašiš sig illa og hlišraš žį žannig til į lista hvers flokks fyrir um sig aš nż og fersk andlit og ungt blóš fįi aš njóta sķn og lįta til sķn taka fyrir almannaheill en ekki flokkapólitķk.


Žaš er jafnvel jafnframt žess vegna sem žiš hafiš veriš į móti og gegn persónubundnu kjöri! 


"Efndir & loforš - Svik og lygar frambjóšandanna auk frambošsaflanna ķ komandi kosningum 2013:"


"Alžingiskosningar 2013 - Spurningar į rafręnu, męltu mįli. Vinsamlegast lķtiš og kķkiš į žetta, leggiš / rżniš vel viš lestur og veltiš svo vandlega fyrir ykkur hvern einstakling auk hvaša flokk/ flokka žiš viljiš sjį starfa innį Alžingi okkar Ķslendinga?!" 

,,Nżju föt keisarans:" Hvaš ętla, er & veršur um stóru efndirnar, loforšin og traust fjórflokkanna auk nżju frambošsaflanna gagnvart samfélaginu, ef mįlefnin sem žau gefa sig svo fyrir eru svo svikin "strax um leiš og innį Alžingi Ķslendinga er komiš?"

,,Nżju föt keisarans:" Hvaš ętla, er & veršur um stóru efndirnar, loforšin og traust fjórflokkanna auk nżju frambošsaflanna gagnvart samfélaginu, ef mįlefnin sem žau gefa sig svo fyrir eru svo svikin "strax um leiš og innį Alžingi Ķslendinga er komiš?" 


Žaš hefur meš įrunum ę betur sést og komiš ķ ljóst aš félagslega heilbrigšiskerfiš hefur hvergi stašiš lengra ķ stöšnun en hér į landi er snżr aš allri almennri žjónustu auk umönnunnar og heimahjśkrunar.

 Ég hef rekiš mig į žaš aš žróunin ķ žessum mįlaflokki er sem slķkur aš sį sem sękir sér viškomandi višunandi žjónustu, žarf ,,helst, žį ķtreka ég oršiš helst" aš vera heiladaušur ef ekki lömuš / lamašur og bundin/n viš hjólastól til žess eins aš geta notiš einhverrar sértękrar heimažjónustu aš einhverju rįši, aš öšru leyti og marki żta žau öllum sérfręšilegum sjśkraskżrslum frį sér, vegna žess aš žau segja žetta sé ekki į sinni könnu né forręši heldur sérhvers lęknis hverju sinni fyrir sig! 

Žiš vitiš kannski jafnvel jafnframt nżjasta tilvikiš og atrišiš meš hjśkrunarheimiliš Eir, svo viršist sem žaš eigi bara aš selja allt undan žessum ķbśum og koma žeim annaš hvort fyrir hjį ęttingjum og skyldfólki, į götuna eša meš öšrum oršum eins grįtlega sorglegt og žaš žykir til žess aš vita, beinustu leiš ķ grafreitinn, eftir allt sem aš žessi kynslóš hefur įorkaš og skilaš frį sér auk nśverandi kynslóšar, žį eigum viš sko meira en mannsęmandi rétt į žvķ aš lifa sambęrilegu, sómasamlegu, heišviršlegu lķfi til jafns viš ašra samfélagslega žjóšfélagsžegna ķ landinu.

Ekki satt hjį mér, eša hvaš :o ? 


Svo er žaš annaš fyrir žį sem ekki hafa nįš aš melta žaš enn žann dag ķ dag:


En žaš sem er einna mesti įfellisdómur yfir ķslenskri stjórnsżslu auk réttarkerfi er aš žaš skyldi taka 20 įr, hugsiš ykkur og ég endurtek, "20 įr aš lögfesta, lögleiša, undirrita og stašfesta hann hérna innan veggja Alžingis Ķslendinga, Barnasįttmįla Sameinušu Žjóšanna ķ New York" :o ....

 Smį leišrétting:

En žaš sem er einna mesti įfellisdómur yfir ķslenskri stjórnsżslu auk réttarkerfi er aš žaš skyldi taka 20 įr, hugsiš ykkur og ég endurtek, "20 įr aš lögfesta, lögleiša, undirrita og stašfesta hann hérna innan veggja Alžingis Ķslendinga, ,,Barnasįttmįla Evrópu" :o ....

 Hvaš gengur žessum einstaka einstaklingum ķ raun og veru eiginlega gott til meš aš sitja į sķnum feita afturenda og borša sętabrauš og drekka kaffi daginn śt og daginn inn į minn auk ykkar allra kostnašar ķ samfélaginu?

Hvenęr munu žau fį žį hugljómun ķ höfušiš / kollinn aš žaš sé loksins komin tķmi į aš lögfesta samning Sameinušu Žjóšanna ķ New York er snżr aš fötlušum, öldrušum, öryrkjum og ellilķfeyrisžegum sem séu ķ raun og veru ekkert annaš en žessi heildstęši hópur samfélagsins sem séu sjśklingar ķ bókstaflegri žżšingu / merkingu oršsins?. 


Ég get svo viš ykkur sagt og lofaš ykkur aš žeir / žęr / žau ykkar einstaklingana, "sem hafiš bein ķ nefinu" og eruš mjög fęr, fljót, dugleg og einföld meš aš fęra rök fyrir mįli ykkar, hvaš žį aš lįta ķ ljósi ykkar innri sem og ytri skošanir ykkar, žiš ęttuš meš réttu aš eiga setu innį kjörnu fulltrśažingi žjóšar į Alžingi, en hins vegar ekki žeir sem lofa, svķkja, lofa, svķkja og enda svo meš endalausum karpręšum śt og sušur allt kjörtķmabiliš nįnast og ekkert, né engin verkefni nįst aš vinnast į žessum tķma...

Engin furša aš fólk sé fariš aš spyrja sig, "ķ hvernig samfélagi bśum / lifum viš nś į dögum / tķmum :/ ?!   


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